Just checking before buying my new machine


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Aug 21, 2023
Dear community members,

After 6 months of working with proxmox on an old spare box I am so happy with Proxmox that I decided to buy a new machine. You probably get this question often to check hardware, but I am still hoping that you want to help me, because it would be devastating if it would not work. :eek:

I was looking for a (moderate) energy efficient machine on which I can run 4-6 virtual machines. Two will be for daily operations with home-assistant on one and debian on another with debian & docker. The other machines are mainly for tinkering/testing OS-es/Python scripts/ etcetera.

The set-up I want to buy is:
- ASRock Deskmini X300
- AMD Ryzen 5600G
- 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD

Can I install proxmox on this hardware without issues?

Another thanks in advance for your help. :D

Kind regards,

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I do hope we don't have to explain the problems with QLC drives or poor performance with non-enterprise drives that lack PLP (if you want to use ZFS).
@leesteken Uh, I thought QLC would be better tbh, so reading your comment, I am probably completely missing something here ... :oops:
QLC SSDs are little IOPS and with sustained write perform worst than spinning harddrives (except for SMR harddrives). Please search the forum. I'm a stranger on the internet, what do I know, maybe your experience with QLC drives might be great.
A short guideline:
- SMR HDDs -> avoid at all cost
- CMR HDDs -> only useful as additional cheap cold storage
- QLC SSDs -> avoid whenever possible
- TLC conumer SSDs -> might be fine for a low demanding small consumer grade homeserver with ext4/LVM
- Enterprise/Datacenter SSD with power-loss protection (the good expensive stuff you can't buy in your local electronic store) -> for everything else, especially when trying to run a proper server or at least more demanding server workloads like DBs and so on
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Thanks @Dunuin and others!

Will do some more reading and make sure to get a good SSD and than make the buy and start another great journey. Cannot wait :cool:
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for bumping this thread.

I'm new on Proxmox and want to buy mini pc (at this time my thought on deskmini x300 ryzen 7 5700G)
At the beginning I want to set a Opnsense with 1 or 2 another VM (ubuntu or windows)

My question which best way to expand the ethernet port, by using M2 ethernet card, USB C ethernet card or maybe there's another best way to get more than 2 ethernet port


Why not getting one of those MiniPCs with 4x or 8x 2.5 Gbit NICs in the first place if you now that you need them because a virtualized router is one of the main workloads?
Yes, I'm also looking for that option as well.

This another mini PC that I'll prefer to choose rather than X300.
Anyone have experience with this mini PC ? or which one that have best performance for Proxmox

CPU : Intel Core i3 1115G4 11Th Gen
Clock 3.0Ghz
GPU : Intel UHD Graphic
RAM : 2x Slot Sodim DDR4 support max 32GB
Storage : 1x SSD NVMe, 1x Sata 2.5 in
WiFi : 1x1xMPCIE wireless slot
LAN : 6 Port RJ45 2.5Gbps intel i225-V3
Display : HDMI, DP
USB : 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 3.0
OS : Support Windows 10/11, Linux, pfSense
Power 12V 4A
Size : 178x125x55mm
Weight unit 1200Gr
Material : Alumunium alloy
Cooling System : Fanless, Full Heatsink pure Cooper
Boot Option F11


Or this one:

* Mini PC Industrial Routers
* Intel Celeron Processor J4105 Quad Core Processor 1.5GHz Up to 2.5GHz 4M Cache
* 5 x Intel I225-V 2.5G LAN
* 2 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0


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