Issues establishing network adapters


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Mar 8, 2023
So, for one, I'd like to create a separate network. One for VMs on Proxmox and one for the console itself, just for best practices. Console management and then another bridge for all VMs to connect to instead of the console network itself, in which case I would follow the videos, use the inactive interface and then assign the port/slaves to the inactive interface because I just follow along the videos. The default bridge works fine, but when creating the 2nd bridge and I do as the videos show me and TRY to relate it to my own network set up, a connection is not able to be established on any VM I try to use vmbr1 (new bridge for only VMs), despite the fact that if I ping the IP I assigned to it and responds.

The images I provided will give more insight and if more images are necessary, which more than likely will be the case, I'll upload them.

I've watched numerous videos on networking on Proxmox, read the documentation, etc., yet even if I follow every guide or video, it does not want to work as easy as the videos show and I know it's something I'm doing wrong on my end. I just don't know what.

This ProxMox server is being hosted on a physical PC, the first PC I built back in 2013. The specs can be shown in one of the attachments.

Upon one of the first few installations, the IP and DNS servers were picked up, some others, not so much. I'd have to fix the gateway IP, the ProxMox IP address to my liking the DNS servers, but I don't think that has anything to do with the problems I'm experiencing.

Some videos show an IP and gateway being assigned, others show no IP or Gateway being assigned, but in my case, I only have 1 gateway for the time being.

The first image shows the CIDR of what you see. (Yes, all this will be changed after I figure out the issue, I'll be creating some VLANs on my managed switch)

The second image shows the response.

I do have another NIC which is a (Link to the NIC itself) |

However I cannot get it to be recognized or use it, unless I re-install ProxMox again and set that as the Primary NIC rather than the default internal NIC that came with the motherboard itself when I built this PC (maybe I should try that). My switch supports the SFP Modules, but another problem is that I am unsure how to actually use these modules themselves. The 10Gbs SFP NIC needs the module inserted, although I tried connecting the other end of the CAT7 Ethernet cable into a random port on my switch as well as the 4 SFP module ports (with another SFP Module slot) available on my switch, but no luck. If possible, advise me on how to properly use the SFP Modules on my switch for the server and use the NIC itself.

I have a 1GB plan. I hope this is enough information to get the results I want for pfSense to work properly. When I watch videos, they always have other interfaces available to use, but for me, it only picks up on the Internal NIC on the motherboard, but when I re-install ProxMox, it does show the 10 GB NIC as an option to use even though it's not plugged in.

I have other questions, but if I can manage to have this resolved and have a better understanding, then I should be able to to fix my other issues with pfSense or VyOS for my LAN Network.

I've posted as many screenshots as possible showing my specs. Ask me anything you'd like, anything else I need to provide, etc., to get everything working as I want it to. As much as I hate posting all this information online, but I'll either delete this post after it's been resolved or remove the photos and then change my configurations as well for security purposes.







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