Isolated private networks with SDN


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Mar 17, 2023

I have a standalone node (no cluster) on wich I try to configure several private networks, isolated from each other.

While searching for a solution, I found Proxmox's SDN capabilities. So I tried to create 2 zones (Simple plugin), each containing a Vnet, like this :
subnet, SNAT=1​
subnet, SNAT=1​

I have a W10 VM connected to vnet25, and a Debian 12 VM connected to vnet26

Everything seem to work fine, both VM have Internet access, but isolation seems to not be total.

For example, I can ping the Debian from the W10 machine, and I can ssh from W10 to Debian.

So my question is :
is SDN the appropriate solution for what I want to achieve ? Or did I miss something in my configuration ?

Thanks for any suggestion :)
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mmm, indeed currently simple zones don't use dedicated vrf.

It's done for bgp-evpn zone, but not yet for simple zone.

I need to check if it could be easy to implement, because with bgp-evpn we have frr routing deamon, and we can easily manage routes to block traffic between differents vnet.

can you open a request in ?

(as workaround the only way is to use proxmox firewall)
Hello spirit,

Thanks for your reply. I opened a request :

I'll try to fiddle a bit with the firewall. Not sure I'll achieve something, since I'm really not used to it. Creating rules is something mysterious to me :)
I'll try this on my local test installation, since I'm very likely to mess up networking at a time or another...
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Well, after trying a lot (and locking myself out once :) - fortunately, I had a console open on the node so I could disable the firewall from command line), I think I found the correct rules to isolate fully the virtual nets from each other and from the LAN, while allowing the VM to have Internet access in both direction, so I can do RDP to the VM, for example.​

After creating the SDN, I added four rules at VM level :
outACCEPTnet0192.168.0.254 (LAN GW)
I also added some DNAT rules to /etc/network/interface to redirect traffic for various services (RDP, HTTPS, etc) to the appropriate VM: port.
The first rule depends on the subnet, and must be adapated accordingly. The last three can be put in a security group, making it easier to add to each VM.

After enabling proxmox firewall at each level (datacenter, node, VM and NIC), it seems to work so far...
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