Is this doable?


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Oct 19, 2010
Here is my plan to create a fault tolerant Joomla website using DRBD & NFS. And two WAN links a bonded T1 and DSL.

I Have three KVM machines all using DRBD storage using the Proxmox DRBD wiki.

1. Web server1
2. Web server2
3. MySQL server

Both Web server1 & Web server2 are using the same /home folder exported via NFS from an OpenFiler physical box.
Both web servers are using the same MySQL database running off the KVM MySQL server.

I am using a fail over service which will monitor my WAN links. Web server1 will always be the primary KVM serving content unless my bonded T1 goes down then web traffic will be diverted to web server2.

My intention of using an NFS mounted /home folder is to make any changes done to content on web server1 be also available to web server2.

Is this a sound plan or am I making this too complicated? Any thoughts or suggestions please share. Thank you!


Sep 19, 2011
from what i can see the site wil be fault tolerant as long as the Openfiler box stays on... your SPoF would be the storage.

How do you plan on diverting the traffic?


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Oct 19, 2010
I am using zenloadbalancer. I decided not use NFS for my web content due to permission problems when the web content is being accessed concurrently.

I decided to use DRBD instead. Has anyone use this in production for deploying an HA website?

In the LAB, I setup two kvm web server's using proxmox ve 1.9. The kvm images for both web server are stored using a DRBD storage type, done using the proxmox DRBD wiki.

On each kvm guest, I added a second hard drive same size for both. I then used the extra hard drive to create a DRBD block to hold web content served by both web servers. To allow concurrent access to the web content coming from either web server's I added a distributed file system called ocfs2 on the drbd resource.

In front of the web servers I have another KVM vm running zenloadbalancer to divert web traffic in case one of the web servers die.

All seems to work but I still have to load test both web servers to simulate real traffic. The other thing I still need to do is have pacemaker handle the auto mount of the drbd resource drive when I reboot the web servers.
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