Is there a way to prevent accidental shutdown/stop of a VM/container?


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May 22, 2023
To be clear, I'm not referring to the "protection" feature in Options, which I think just helps mitgate accidental termination.

There's VMs that I want always-on adjacent to others that I start/stop often, and I feel like some day I'll accidentally misclick and not realize I'm shutting down the wrong VM. Yes there is the confirmation popup, but we all know human nature is to autopilot through that stuff when you see it often. Current version I'm using is 7.4-3.
Only users with the "VM.PowerMgmt" privilege for path "/vms/100" should be able to start and stop a VM with the VMID 100. You could try to create and use a user that got such a privilege but not for VMs that should run 24/7.
Oh darn, I was hoping to read that I was missing something obvious (and easy). A shame this isn't a feature in options, it seems like it'd be a common thing to want.
I'm not sure if we'll add such a setting, but I think I would also help to show the VM/CT name in the confirmation dialog? That should be pretty easy to change and it might make accidents like this a bit less likely.
I figured a disabling checkbox would be an easy lift too, but repeating the name in the dialog would probably also help.

A backup doesn't help because I'm referring to shutdowns, not termination/deletion. An accidental shutdown would just be a restart, but in the mean time anyone who was using it would be out of luck.

I didn't know we could renumber VMs - that would certainly help too. I'll look for docs on that one and the pools idea. Thanks for the suggestions.
Maybe as an alternative, that would also only be a UI change - if the VM is "Protected" (from deletion), you could ALSO make it refuse to shut down until the protection is turned off? Or if that's no good, if the VM is "Protected" make the restart/shutdown warning dialog or button red so it stands out?


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