Is there a way to check if hardware is available before starting a VM?


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Apr 26, 2020

My situation is I have several VMs that use the same hardware (i.e. a GPU) and I have scheduled backup job to back them up (normally as a snapshot).

Part of the backup process is to start the VM but the problem is if one of the VMs that share the same hardware is already running then it crashes and also the backup of the other VM fails.

Obviously only 1 VM (using the same hardware) can be run at the same time but would there be a way for the backup process to do a sanity check and see if the resources are available to start the VM (for backup) before actually starting and avoid the crash? I guess normally a 'qm start' will try to grab the resources and then fail if it can't but that process harms the VM using the resources in the first place. Maybe proxmox could keep a running list of hardware that is being used by running VMs to avoid this?

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Mar 18, 2019
You could try to use a VM or backup hook script for this.


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Jan 17, 2021
Among other stuff, I've been looking for this feature too, and I already submitted a few feature requests, right now, while waiting for it to be implemented officially, I'm using a custom hook script which is slow and not perfect but it works, see my post:
I can publish my script too but I'd like to clean it up first and ensure it won't mess up the system if someone decides to use it. If you need it in the current state please PM me.
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