Importing linked clone disk


Oct 6, 2019

I have a single server and during some upgrades the main OS disk was wiped. However the main datastore is intact and i have all qcow files. I thought this is no issue ill just recreate the vm's link the qcow harddrive and be on my way. For some VM's this is the case. However most where originally made via a linked clone. I have the qcow image of the original but how do i go about in adding both the linked clone and the datadisk?

I belief this is my issue. Because during boot I get the following errors:
can't find command record fail
can't find command load_video
can't find command gfxmode

Kernel panic No working init found.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

I should probably add that I upgraded from 5.x to 6.0-4. And I was using cloudinit drives.

VM Overview:
101 stuck after btrfs loaded
102 Kernel panic
103 Windows in boot loop (doesn't matter)
104 stuck after btrfs loaded
105 stuck in grub
106 Booted
107 Kernel panic VFS unable to mount root fs
108 stuck after btrfs loaded
109 stuck after btrfs loaded
110 can't find command
111 stuck after btrfs loaded

I don't use btrfs but it's just the last module that is successfully loaded.
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So I remembered am running qcow. I don't need a proxmox documentation I can just google qcow documentation. Some googling later

qemu-img info --backing-chain $FILENAME

shows which images are bound
root@S01:/mnt/pve/NVMe/images/112# qemu-img info --backing-chain vm-112-disk-0.qcow2 image: vm-112-disk-0.qcow2 file format: qcow2 virtual size: 2.2G (2361393152 bytes) disk size: 196K cluster_size: 65536 backing file: ../9000/base-9000-disk-1.qcow2 Format specific information: compat: 1.1 lazy refcounts: false refcount bits: 16 corrupt: false image: ../9000/base-9000-disk-1.qcow2 file format: qcow2 virtual size: 2.2G (2361393152 bytes) disk size: 1.0G cluster_size: 65536 Format specific information: compat: 1.1 lazy refcounts: false refcount bits: 16 corrupt: false

This however doesn't seem to be my specific issue as unlike the example above my files don't show they have backing files. They must have been corrupted in another way. Must have been bcache even tough I set it to writethrough before closing shutting down.

More info can be found here:
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Check disk
qemu-img check /data/vm_images/CentOS7/system.img

Attempt to fix disk
qemu-img check -r all /data/vm_images/CentOS7/system.img

Sadly my qcow files are too corrupted even tough it says fix it won't boot. Time to restore from backup.


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