Import Disk from NFS Slow


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Mar 23, 2021
Clean install today of version 7 on server with 6*ssd and 128gb ram. I have a large 127GB windows qcow2 file which is too big to upload via sftp into the local ext4 storage. Therefore I have mounted an NFS share from my Windows server. Mounted the nfs data store and I am running

qm importdisk 100 /mnt/pve/rx300s8/exchange2013/exchangeos.qcow2 local-lvm

local-lvm has 300Gb space.

The import process started at 12.30 and 3 hours later is at 57%. After searching the forums NFS should give 35mb/s therefore this should have taken about an hour.

I have 3 more large discs to import. Any idea what might be the bottleneck.



Nov 20, 2020
Unfortunately any thoughts on what your perceived bottleneck might be, would be completely wild guesses. You've provided insufficient information about your environment. More importantly, you've provided no troubleshooting steps that you took. Its entirely possible that you've reached the max that your infrastructure can handle.
There is no one single baseline speed that is true for everyone. The 35mb/s, that seems to be your goal, is completely arbitrary - why would NFS top out at 300mbps ?

Some off the wall pointers:
- windows server disk
- windows server cpu
- windows server nic
- windows server NFS implementation
- network switch in between
- nic on proxmox host
- cpu on proxmox host
- disks on proxmox host

The least you could do is to determine that you are not losing packets and NFS is not constantly retransmitting.

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