HPE MicroServer Gen10


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Jul 24, 2019
Hi all,

I just bought a HPE MicroServer Gen10 x3421 and I wish to set it up with Proxmox VE.

What I wish to run on it:
- NextCloud
- Web Server
- pfSense
- File Server

My HW:
- HPE MicroServer Gen10 x3421
- 2 x 2TB WD Red HDD
- 1 x 240GB Samsung 840 Pro

What would be 'the best' scenario to set this up?

Also which route should I go? The integrated Marvel RAID 1 or ZFS RAID 1?

Any advice will be much appretiated.


We also have 4 Gen10 Microservers with Proxmox installed. But 8GB Ram is way too less. If you use ZFS use at least 16GB.

We have our Servers with 32GB Ram and NVME SSD as PCIe Card and 4x HDD as ZFS RAID 10. Though the CPU is not the fastest this is our best config.

Thank you for your reply. Could you please share with me how you have your storage and pools set up? I heard that I cannot use the storage and pool where OS is locate for anything else but that. Is this true? Or can I use the same for VMs and file share?

Also what is your SSD wear since this is where PVE is installed. I read that PVE can wear SSD very quickly.
that´s not true ... thanks to zfs goodness.. but in my config I used zfs for system and a different pool for vms and container storage
Sorry for my ignorance but how can one create several different pools on the same raid (I assume you have your RAID 10 created on all 4 HDD?)

Ex: I plan to install PVE on my 2 HDDs using ZFS RAID 1. This means that I will have 1 pool (zpool). Then how can I create several other pools on those same 2 HDD?
Then how did you achieve 3 pool setup (system, vms and storage) ? Or did you mean you have system pool and 2 subvols/subsets?
While I very much appretiate your effort by sending me this picture I must admit I do not full understand them in full :-(

You have system pool (rpool) on SSD which only has ZFS filesystem on it. There is no raid there AFAIK. Then you have 4 HDD in RAID 10 (I assume that is what those mirror 0 and 1 means) and additional pool (ssd500) on it? Then on those 2 pools you have created several subvolumes?


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