How to use global blacklist to increase spam score?

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    Hi guys,

    My company have hundreds of Brazilian domains and emails in our PMG (5.0.78) global blacklist. Even with these domains and emails entries in global blacklist, we still receiving a lot of spam from them passing thru PMG and going to our mailboxes. We changed the blacklist rule also to "modify spam level" if a message came from "Blacklist" objects, but it didn't work.

    We also tried to use that entry below in our SpamAssassin ( template) rules but it didn't work:

    score USER_IN_BLACKLIST 10.0

    We understand that blacklist entries of PMG are stored in PostgreSQL. The main idea is that SpamAssassin use the PMG global blacklist to increase the score of spam to block these messages. Do you think that can be possible?

    We are using a workaround temporarilly at this moment. We created a file (/etc/postfix/domainblock) and putted an include directly on Postfix ( template) to parse all addresses that shall be discarderd (if match in that list, the messages will be discarded in SMTP level yet). Apparently that is so much radical and probably is not the smarter way to do that. We found another way to do it just adding the bad domains/addresses directly in SpamAssassin config ( template) using e.g. "blacklist_from *", but we haven't not sure if it will work.

    Do you guys have a better idea about how I can do that?
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