How to ruse "Data" VM Disk on a new VM


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Aug 10, 2023
TLDR: So I have set up a VM with 2 drives "OS" & "DATA", and would like to reuse the "DATA" drive with a new VM, I searched Google and here but found no clear answer

So I have set up a VM for Docker and also as a "File server" ... Repurposed a Terramaster F4-423 NAS... and want to get the NAS feature back ... and followed the Guidance i found online on "You should put Docker in a VM... not in LXC container" so kind of still want the NAS feature back

To this end I created a VM (Debian 12) added Portainer etc so running SAMBA + PLEX + SONARR.... also created a separate "Data" drive on a Separate ZFS pool for media ... all fine

I also found that the only (easy) way to attach some external USB drives to migrate locally the content to the "Media" drive was actually using a VM ...

But now the issue is if I want to clean up my "VM" and simply reuse the "data" drive ... I'm stuck

If I did this with a separate "data pool" and used LXC containers ... so easy .. but no (easy) access to USB ... and the "Media" drive is now 6TB (I have a total of 24TB ... so not a biggy

My plan is, if I can't find an easy solution, is to just create a new LXC version of my "File Server et all" and to just use SABA to again copy everything out of the "Media" drive to a new "Mount Point" attached pool ... as these can easily be reused

1) Do I understand how this "Proxmox" environment works (Only been at it for 24 Hours)
2) Is there a way to attach a "Drive" to an LXC container or Vise versa create a Mounted drive (Pool) in a VM
3) I should look at page XXX of the Documents ... as the answer was there all the time ... "Need to improve your Google Foo..."
4) You should have researched this before even installing ... was happy to install Deb + OMV+ CasaOS, on the hardware .. but somehow could not get it to boot and stay permanent across reboots ... strangely Proxmox reboots every time ... don't want to talk about Teramaster TOS!... only advantage is that TM does not lock down the hardware .. Synology would make this all simple... but where is the fun and learning in that

Just FYI not new to the whole Virtualization game ... I own and operate a domestic cloud company ... but all based on VMware :(


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