How to organize storage setup? TrueNAS w/ ZFS + OMV w/ SnapRaid and MergerFS


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Oct 4, 2023
I'm currently migrating away from Unraid and wonder how to best setup my new Proxmox server. So I'm new to Proxmox.

NAS 1: I have a need for one type of NAS setup to be used for very important stuff, such as backup of pictures from phones (Android) and computers (Windows, Linux). Something that replaces Google Drive/OneDrive. I'm thinking of something like TrueNAS or a Synology VM here (I've tried NextCloud but I'm not satisfied).
This should live on a two disk ZFS RAID1 pool and of course have off-site backups.

NAS 2: I have another need for a storage used mostly by media, for my Plex, Radarr, Sonarr etc (both for VMs and LXCs). Here I'm thinking of using something like OpenMediaVault, on top of a storage using MergerFS and SnapRaid. Currently 1 parity drive, 2 data drives.

Preferably, I want both NAS 1 and 2 accessible from both new VMs and LXCs, as well as other machines on my network.

I have an LSI 9207 card, so I have the possibility of passing through the PCI card to one VM and the SATA controller to the other. It's not in my plan to run another Proxmox node.

My biggest concern is how to set this up the best way?
  1. Should I set up all storage (ZFS pool + SnapRaid and MergerFS) in Proxmox and share to LXCs through bind mounts and to VMs throgh an NFS server in Proxmox.
  2. Pass through the PCI card and SATA controller and have NAS 1 setup ZFS and NAS 2 setup SnapRaid and MergerFS?
  3. Pass through to NAS 1 and have it setup ZFS, but let Proxmox setup SnapRaid and MergerFS for NAS 2.
  4. Pass through to NAS 2 and have it setup SnapRaid and MergerFS, but let Proxmox setup ZFS for NAS 1.
I can see advantages and disadvantages with all options, but I'm really not sure on which way to go. Option 1 seems to be the easiest way to do it, but it adds more stuff to the Proxmox host, while the other options adds more total complexity.

Any obvious advantages/disadvantages of either setup? Or is it more a matter of what setup you prefer?


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