How to maintain buffers between LXC consoles and primary console's instance switches?


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Feb 18, 2019
It has been problematic for quite some time with the default function of LXCs where when you change to another LXC and then back, you lose your terminal/console history. Is there a method available to retain this outside of opening the console in its own window?

Organizationally, when working between a few LXCs at once, it is a pain point to lose this and not be able to simply work within the primary user interface of Proxmox. Having multiple consoles open causes me to lose mental context quite often and then I can't resume work after long stretches either. Sometimes I find myself needing to keep history/console context available after hours or even days... but this is simply not possible without ssh'ing into them and trying to keep them in a terminal, but even then it still loses context readily.

It would be ergonomically and mentally very, very helpful to be able to retain history for these as well as the primary Proxmox server's console itself.
By using a terminal multiplexer like tmux, you can work with interruptions. It does not matter if you log in via ssh or via LXC console.
Hmm. tmux et al are a little too much ceremony for this situation and retaining context. It's very possible one will simply forget they were using it and all manner of other odd permutations. Hrm.
Then it's not possible. There is no persistence in LXC consoles, because it will interactively open a socket from your browser and execute a shell. This is inherently different from a KVM/QEMU VM.

It's very possible one will simply forget they were using it and all manner of other odd permutations.
Therefore you always open tmux on login (create or attach) via a profile, so that you will not forget and always use it.
I'm sorry to hear this. I don't think this is feasible regardless of your suggestion. But thanks anyway - we simply need to keep looking for a better path.


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