how to import vm's from another vmhost into proxmox


New Member
Aug 19, 2023
Hi, i have a old vm system and will move all the vm's to proxmox, how can i do that?
The vm on the old systems has .img format.
So what is the best solution?
I would go for qm import via CLI:

qm importdisk
An alias for qm disk import.
qm importovf <vmid> <manifest> <storage> [OPTIONS]
Create a new VM using parameters read from an OVF manifest
<vmid>: <integer> (100 - 999999999)
The (unique) ID of the VM.
<manifest>: <string>
path to the ovf file
<storage>: <string>
Target storage ID
--dryrun <boolean>
Print a parsed representation of the extracted OVF parameters, but do not create a VM
--format <qcow2 | raw | vmdk>
Target format

qm disk import <vmid> <source> <storage> [OPTIONS]
Import an external disk image as an unused disk in a VM. The image format has to be supported by qemu-img(1).
<vmid>: <integer> (100 - 999999999)
The (unique) ID of the VM.
<source>: <string>
Path to the disk image to import
<storage>: <string>
Target storage ID
--format <qcow2 | raw | vmdk>
Target format


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