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Oct 16, 2023
Hi all,

apologies if this has been posted before, but I am not great at searching, I did try to search for it in the forum, but couldn't directly find a straight answer.

I setup my PROXMOX environment, in RAID1, and I have two 10TB disks.

My volume is setup as follows:
root@vce ~ # lsblk
sda       8:0    0   9.1T  0 disk 
├─sda1    8:1    0   256M  0 part 
│ └─md0   9:0    0 255.9M  0 raid1 /boot/efi
├─sda2    8:2    0    32G  0 part 
│ └─md1   9:1    0    32G  0 raid1 [SWAP]
├─sda3    8:3    0     1G  0 part 
│ └─md2   9:2    0  1022M  0 raid1 /boot
├─sda4    8:4    0     2T  0 part 
│ └─md3   9:3    0     2T  0 raid1 /
└─sda5    8:5    0     7T  0 part 
  └─md4   9:4    0     7T  0 raid1 /home
sdb       8:16   0   9.1T  0 disk 
├─sdb1    8:17   0   256M  0 part 
│ └─md0   9:0    0 255.9M  0 raid1 /boot/efi
├─sdb2    8:18   0    32G  0 part 
│ └─md1   9:1    0    32G  0 raid1 [SWAP]
├─sdb3    8:19   0     1G  0 part 
│ └─md2   9:2    0  1022M  0 raid1 /boot
├─sdb4    8:20   0     2T  0 part 
│ └─md3   9:3    0     2T  0 raid1 /
└─sdb5    8:21   0     7T  0 part 
  └─md4   9:4    0     7T  0 raid1 /home

I thought I assigned it all to my default /, but instead, I made a mistake and assigned it to /home.

Now, when I check my summary page:
I only have 2TB usable.

My question now is...
How do I solve this? Can I move this space over, or, what do I use /home for? Because when I create a new container, or, VM, it doesn't allow me to actually select /home..

Again, apologies, if this question sounds stupid, but any input is appreciated.
Thank you @Dunuin.
What would be the best way to proceed?
Reinstall, without debian at all? And then reconfigure it completely?

It took me quite some time to get to this stage, as I had to implement some iptable rules.. Which weren't easy to figure out.. But now this is present.

Any input is greatly appreciated though.
You usually want a small root filesystem (like 16-32GB for the OS + X GB depending on how many ISOs/backups/templates/snippets you want to store). The remaining space for VM/LXC storage where you store your virtual disks. Default partition layout would be 1st 1MB grub partition, 2nd 1GB EFI Partition (managed by the proxmox-boot-tool), 3rd partition with remaining space for ZFS or LVM. This third partition then would be split via LVM/ZFS into a root filesystem and a VM/LXC storage.
But it is basically up to you and PVE is very flexible. Just make sure to understand the benefits and limitations of the different storage types:
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Thanks @Dunuin. I never replied back on this anymore.. However, great help! I got it running all fine now :).

I think we can mark this as resolved, or closed :cool:


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