GPU Passthough Nvidia GTX 1050


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Jun 6, 2023
Disclaimer: This is my first time using proxmox and I'm this is all very new to me.

Im trying to set up a Viritual machine using proxmox. I went good untill I had to enable my GPU on the viritual machine and I followed this guide:

Computer Specs:
Motherboard: MSI B85M-E45
CPU: Intel i5-4690
GPU: HP OEM Nvidia GTX 1050
Storage: 250gb SSD

VM Config:

agent: 1
args: -cpu 'host,+kvm_pv_unhalt,+kvm_pv_eoi,hv_vendor_id=NV43FIX,kvm=off'
boot: order=scsi0;ide2;net0;ide0
cores: 1
cpu: host,hidden=1,flags=+pcid
hostpci0: 0000:01:00,pcie=1
ide0: local:iso/virtio-win-0.1.229.iso,media=cdrom,size=522284K
ide2: local:iso/Windows10.iso,media=cdrom,size=4468M
machine: pc-q35-3.1
memory: 2048
meta: creation-qemu=7.2.0,ctime=1685975880
name: Windows1
net0: virtio=32:33:B6:B8A:E6,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1
numa: 0
ostype: win10
scsi0: local-lvm:vm-100-disk-0,cache=writeback,size=70G
scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci
smbios1: uuid=dc39f8e2-e1ee-433c-9697-1df9b6b80cd7
sockets: 1
vga: none

My Grub config:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet intel_iommu=on"

I have tried updating the drivers in the viritual machine when I download the drivers from nvidia it installs and sais it been installed. But when I start nvidia experience it sais "no drivers installed" when I then download and install drivers there is sais that I have the same versions of drivers as its going to install. I still press install and at the end it sais "installation has finished" But I still have the option to install drivers in geforce experience (and it stuck in that loop just reinstalling the same drivers if I look for updated once). It just keeps giving me the option for "Express Installation or Custom Installation"

I still have Error 43 in device manager under display adapters "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050" and its not showing in taskmanager.
I have also tried to adding my gpu .rom file like in the guide both with just getting it with GPU-Z and adding it to the correct directory with FileZilla. I also tried to patch the .rom file with "". When I had the original file from GPU-Z it did nothing, and when I used the patcher I couldnt connect to the VM with remote access. I also added the "romfile=xxx.rom" in the hostpci0: when I had those.

Please let me know if there is anything I can provide that can be helpful understanding the problem.
Anything that could point me in the right directions would help a lot. Thanks in advance :)


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A few things I can see: you probably want to give your windows VM more ram (at least 4GiB) and more cpu cores (at least 2). You also don't need to set hidden=1,flags=+pcid since your cpu Westermere, sandy bridge or ivy bridge.
Some resources I can give you are the PCIe passthrough docs [1] and our wiki [2] as well as some best-practices for windows [3]. Have a look through those and let me know if none of that helps :)



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