Fedora CoreOS FCOS kernel commands for OKD deployment


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Mar 20, 2018
Hi friends,

am starting to work on the deployment for OKD 4.5 on Proxmox and I have a doubt about how to proceed with some instruction from docs.okd.io


NOTE: I follow the bare metal deployment instructions, because proxmox is not listed in the virtualization solutions, so bare metal is the way to go in this case.

I seems, to configure the machine using ignition files + passing some network config we need to add some kernel commands

it is described in the step 6 from the link above:

6. Add the parameters to the kernel command line:

ip=<dhcp or static IP address>

In the past I was able to insert a ignition file using the option args with the follow configuration

-fw_cfg name="opt/com.coreos/config",file=/okd-bootstrap.ign

in this case the parameter fw_cfg is set, maybe to pass a command to kernel I could do something like kernel or append ?

it would help to automate all the boot processof the OKD infrastructure.

thanks in advance
Hi @wolfgang

thanks for the reply,

FCOS/CoreOS does not work with Cloud Init, it does work with ignition files.

I already manage to do the setup process. As soon as I can I will post the solution, so that people in future can refer to this post.

thanks for all
I have been working with Fedora Core OS on proxmox and do the following for setting the ignition file.

qm set $id --args "-fw_cfg name=opt/com.coreos/config,file=/root/ignition/$name.ign"

Did you get the quotation marks correct on your args?

BTW what do you use for generating the ignition file? I wish there was an lxc container for generating it to make it easier on proxmox.
Hi @jtracy

I used that way too to start FCOS using the -fw_cfg option.

In my case now am deploying OKD4.5 (Openshift Community version) and It is necessary to bootup the VM with extra paremeters in the kernel.

For the ignition file, I had been using the container provided from FCOS documentation, and in the case of the OKD deployment the openshift-installer create the ignition files and then it fetch it over HTTP

If you have any question let me know
Have you tried adding all the options to the args for the VM?

-fw_cfg name=opt/coreos.inst,string=yes
-fw_cfg name=opt/coreos.inst.install_dev,string=sda
-fw_cfg name=opt/coreos.inst.image_url,string=<URL>
-fw_cfg name=opt/coreos.inst.ignition_url,string=http://example.com/config.ign
-fw_cfg name=opt/ip,string=ip
-fw_cfg name=opt/bond,string=<bond_options>


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