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Nov 14, 2019
Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your support.

I'm starting using Proxmox few days ago so I have little knowledge about it
I configured a virtual machine with O.S. and all settings I need and now I would need to export it creating a template (or backup) to use on other Proxmox environment.

I tried using "backup" and it created a vmname.vma.gz file.
When I tried to upload this file into another Proxmox console, it shown an error saying that the file extension was not correct (only tar.gz allowed).

So I created a vmname.vma.tar.gz file and I uploaded it using "Container Template" as "Content" souce (see image attached).
In this way it finished correctly but then I wasn't able to click "Restore" (grey button).

All works properly using the SSH console but I would like to find a easy way to export and import vm images in different Proxmox environment (also using different versions).

Could you help me please?

Thank you very much,



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You install and configure VM with OS and you want to use this VM on another Proxmox server ?
if yes, you can backup this VM on Share and mount this share another Proxmox server and restore this VM.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I would like to backup a VM, export the backup, import the backup to another Proxmox environment and create the vm using that backup. All this using only the web console (not SSH one).

Thanks a lot

How i can!
I have share directory(NFS Share) for backup all VM.
Connect this share folder via web interface all server proxmox. Datacenter - Storage - Add NFS and connect.
And touch NFS directory, choose backup VM (which is needed) and click Restore
Look my screen
Sorry my eng, I try to lern


Thanks for your excellent explanation but I need to export the backup and then provide it to different Customers so I can't use share folder.
I would need a solution for provide to my Customers a backup (or image) that they can import into their Proxmox and use it to create the virtual machine.

I'll wait your answer.

Thanks a lot

You can mount Flash drive or external HDD and mount this device.
copy backup VM to Flash or external HDD.

I would need to provide the faster and easier way to deploy a vm using my vm backup because some customers are not very skilled.
So, as did with Vmware and Hyper-v, I would like to create a export/import process using the web console.

Is it possibile?

Thanks a lot


So the only available solution consist of importing the vmname.vma.gz (or directly the vmname.vma) into a Proxmox Datastore and then use the "Restore" GUI button to load the backup and create the vm?



Ok perfect, thank you very much for all your support.

I wish you a very nice day,
Best regards,



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