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Feb 4, 2019
Hi everyone.
Is Proxmox compatible with the most popular enterprise backup software such as Veeam, Commvault etc.?

Thanks, Luigi
Is Proxmox compatible with the most popular enterprise backup software such as Veeam, Commvault etc.?
Depends on what level. File-backup is supported in all of them, but those enterprise backup software companies can answer that for you.
I am sure that it is possible at VM level. My question it was referred to proxmox server.
Can I backup and restore entire proxmox server?
The Proxmox (PVE) is a debian kernel; I do not think that the backup software you have mentioned, can backup all the PVE. But if you want to backup all the VM on the PVE, the right metod could be the PBS; you can also restore sigle file or directories (of the Vm's) fron the PBS backup.
Can I backup and restore entire proxmox server?
If you mean bare metal hypervisor, then probably yes. Depending on the used storage for VMs this could work, but should be done with the built-in backup method. External backup software from non-Proxmox is not required, because Proxmox has its own (internal PVE backup and PBS).
If you want to backup your VMs and Container, the best easiest method is the proxmox backup server (PBS), highly recommended. There is no real need to backup the proxmox host system, it can be newly installed from the iso, but since it is a normal Linux system it CAN be backuped with every backup solution which can backup linux systems. It is a debian system based on an ubuntu kernel to be precise.

The important data is the config in /etc, including the proxmox configs in /etc/pve.

So disaster recovery:
1. setup new proxmox
2. configure networking and storage the same as before
3. attach your PBS storage
4. restore your virtual machines
Thank you so much for the above answers.
My customer already have Commvault backup, so it doesn't want other backup system.
Moreover, the proxmox deploy should be a 3/5 nodes hyperconvergent with ceph storage. So the configuration of single node is not easy .
So, If there is a easy way to bare metal hypervisor backup coulg be appreciate.
There is REAR (relax and recover) for bare metal backup of Linux servers, but I think especially in a cluster it is much easier just to join a new node. Please do yourself and your customer a favour and evaluate / try PBS.
I had a customer like that and it took one and a half years to convince him but now he really likes PBS.
Ok, I will propose PBS to my customer but in order to solve now the problem of bare metal backup I think of use REAR software. Is there anyone that already installed and configured in Proxmox? Is it works fine?
Sorry I have not used rear in about 15 years, can't help you there, just be shure to try your restore concept before you need it ;)


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