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    I have read through the wiki (here), but I'm confused still on the right process for my case. I have an Ubuntu 16.04 VM that I have fully configured but it is running out of space. I extened the disk size in the GUI, which now shows the size as 7TB (SCSI sda on the local node) , and I see the unallocated space in gparted in the guest OS, but I'm a little concerned to execute a command without fully understanding the process.

    pvresize /dev/vda3
    resize my boot partition to comsume the available space?

    pve_resized1.jpg pve_resized2.jpg

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    There must be a misunderstanding somewhere - the disk is seen in the VM as /dev/sda and the LVM is in /dev/sda5.

    Since it is a logical partition the extended one above (/dev/sda2) has to be increased first. Afterwards you can increase /dev/sda5 to and finally run

    pveresize /dev/sda5

    As an alternative (much easier!) you can add a new virtual disk and add this disk to your volume group in the VM.
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