Disk setup for proxmox


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Mar 30, 2019
Hi all,

For a project I am working on I want to use a Dell T310. This server has 4 internal drive bays, and I want to add a 4-bay hotswap-rack in the 5.25 inch slot.

My idea was to put 4x 2tb NAS drives in the internal slot and 2x 500gb SSDs in the hotswap. I want to use the SSDs for proxmox installation and boot disks, 2 of the 2tb drives for storage and 2 for backup. Now my question is: how do I configure these drives? I could use 3x RAID1, but I can also choose 1x RAID1 on the SSDs and 1x RAID5 or ZFS on the HDDs. I can then partition those for my required storage.

What is the best option and why?


I am sure many opinions on this ... I just built a small scale 16GB host with 320GB 2.5 for boot, and 2x 1TB mirror for data and backups in ZFS ...

Here is a nice ZFS setup guide, which I used

How much memory do you have ? ZFS will require more memory for the same # of VM's etc... please let us know how it goes..
Memory will probably be 24 or 32gb. I think raid would be smart because the server wil have a Dell PERC 5/i raid card and it won't use as many system resources.
In the current config vm's and containers will total about 17gb max but we will eventually want to expand.

I also want to be able to setup HA eventually so I have to be able to easily transfer everything to another server over iSCSI or something. Is this easily done with ZFS?
This is a good question, and I see no reason why it should be too complicated transferring / restoring VM;s - and I must defer to the more experienced members of the board - I have no experience with HA or clustering .. but this my next goal ) ..


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