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Apr 29, 2022
Hi, im begginer about proxmox, I acctually use 7.4 for vm linux for develop and a NAS freenas, I was add a physical Disk 6TB, and I was added to this VM a disk of 5T of space only for NAS Storage, but recently I was made backups and the free space in freenass is arround 1.3TB but the space on ZTF virtual disk is 5.50TB, is a little bit more bigger that 5TB which it was created and this issue make freeze the VM NAS, how can I do for fix this, how to clean or flush this volume exceeded.



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Check for common user errors:
1.) storing VMs disks on a raidz1/2/3 ZFS pool and not increasing the volblocksize resulting in massive padding overhead so that every zvol will consume way more space
2.) not checking the "discard" checkbox of the vitual disk, using a protocol like IDE that doesn't support TRIM or not setting up discard/fstrim in every VMs guestOS so space of deleted data won't be freed up by ZFS
3.) using snapshots as long-term backups. As long as there is a snapshot ZFS don'T delete anything that got added/changed after that snapshot was taken

To give is a better picture the outputs of zpool list -v, zfs list -o space and cat /etc/pve/storage.cfgwould be useful.
Hi, thanks for anwer quickly :p



This are the output of these command, I hope you can help me and thanks a lot
And VM 100 is your TrueNAS VM, so you run ZFS on top of ZFS? In that case i would run these commands in TrueNAS too and compare the results.
Thats correct, the VM 100 is my NAS, en the ZFS NAS is the HDD designed for storage the DATA, the HDD for SO is in another ZFS Volume, but the VM freeze because the Disk on ZFS NAS is totally full, but another hand I dont know how to execute this command over TrueNAS, can you help me for this?
First ZFS on top on ZFS is a quite bad setup. ZFS got terrible overhead with its copy-on-write and this overhead of two ZFSs will multiply and not just add up.
Would have been better to passthrough the disk into TrueNAS and then only use ZFS inside the TrueNAS VM.

You got a console/shell in TrueNAS webUI where you can type in commands. The zpool and zfs commands are the same for FreeBSD and Linux, so should work on PVE and TrueNAS.
Ohhh ok, thanks, i got it, I don't know if that were possible, I will tryed to run the VM for execute this and run the commands.
Hi, finally i was buyed a new NAS HDD 8TB, the vm never start, my new plan will be create in the new hdd another ZFS for move the disk, start the vm, the old, will be wiped and configure passtrought for add on truenass and move the files and cleanup the new hdd XD

I dont have another idea for recovery data mostly.


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