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Sep 26, 2019
Hi All,

Thanks for the continued support I've received off this project so far.

I am using the disclaimer function to warn Internal users that an email has originated from outside the organisation. However this puts it at the bottom of the email. How hard is it to change it to appear before the body of the email? Or is there another way of doing this?

Where is the Disclaimer config file located in terminal? Could i just edit it to move to the top?
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Currently the disclaimer gets added as a multipart of its own on the bottom of the message - adding it as the first part would not work with quite a few mail-clients, which only show the first part (your users would only see the disclaimer, but not the actual mails)

In any case this breaks quite a few assumptions about e-mails - e.g. if someone replies to one of those mails - the original sender would also see the disclaimer...

What would be your use-case - I would expect that people would start ignoring that disclaimer rather fast (the same way they're ignoring the From header which already gets displayed on top in most mail-clients)
Dear All,

We are trying to setup Proxmox Mail gateway and evaluate it.

One of our needs, is to be able to prepend an "external email warning" to the body all external incoming email, ie, the first line is a simple warning, so the start of an email would look like this:


Dear Sir

Blah blah blah...

I'm aware that this isn't popular with users, but it's something our parent organisation has, and that M$ Exchange provides. We are trying to show feature parity with exchange so that we can keep our Linux mail server. We only have a community subscription at present, but will happily upgrade our subscription if proxmox mail gateway can meet our needs.

best regards



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