difference between apache2-mpm-prefork and apache2 in DAB Makefile

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    Some DAB Makefile instances use:
        dab install apache2-mpm-prefork
    whilst others use
        dab install apache2-mpm-prefork apache2
    The Debian Package Info for apache2-mpm-prefork states that it is a traditional non-threaded model which is stable and handles requests like Apache 1.3, whereas the Info page for apache2 states that it provides HTTPS, virtual hosting, CGI, SSI, IPv6, easy scripting and database integration, request/response filtering and many flexible authentication schemes.

    Although both instances manage integration well with MySQL, going forward, which is the preferred one that works well and is recommended by Proxmox?

    Most DAB Build files in the Git Repo are nearly a year old - it would be nice to have some fresh ones in the light of changes to the DAB Build system / Wheezy if any.

    It is recommended to have the following in the make files for backward (PVE 1.x) compatibility and for those who have enabled raw console log messages in PVE 3.x:
    #    # Remove Comment in next line for PVE 1.x Template
    #    sed -e 's/^\s*1:2345:respawn/# 1:2345:respawn/' -i ${BASEDIR}/etc/inittab
        dab finalize
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