Dell R710 Perc6i what choice in virtual disks.


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Sep 12, 2023
Good morning,
I'm completely new to installing proxmox and would like to see some advice on the choices I need to make.
I have a Dell R710 with a perc6i and 8 HDDs (2x 146Gb 10k, 1x 146Gb 15k, 5x1Tb 7.2k).
Should I opt for 3 VDs (one typical HDD part)? but I don't secure my disks. or a VD raid 5 for the 3 146Gb HDDs and 1VD raid 5 for the other HDDs? or even all in VD raid 0 and zfs but seems not to be advised in the doc (do not use zfs with a hardware raid controller.

to give the context of future use of the server, it will run applications such as mail, Nas, and business applications for a small business that needs to start.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
If you want to use ZFS, do not create a virtual disk through the controller. Find out how to set up these drives in JBOD mode and then create a ZFS pool under Proxmox.
Thank you for your answer.
unfortunately the perc6i controller does not manage the no raid jbod.
I read in other forum threads that it was possible to do raid 0 for each disk in the bios and do zfs in proxmox. but I understood that the performance would be much slower.
This is why I ask myself these questions.
it might be better to do a raid 5 even if the 15k will be penalized but I could secure this volume.
Another possibility would be to make a cluster and secure with HA on the other node.
Could someone confirm the performance loss of hardware raid and zfs.
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Setting up RAID 0 on each of the disks still relies on controller management. Personally, I wouldn't recommend such an approach. Instead, it's worth considering hardware solutions offered by the Perc controller or replacing it with one that supports JBOD/HBA.

If you have the option to build a cluster, it's definitely worth doing so. Even without high availability (HA), it will make maintenance tasks on the hosts much easier.
thanks again
So I'm ultimately thinking of making two Raid5 VDs.
one for the 146 Gb where I would put the OS and the ISO bank. and another VD raid 5 with 1TB for VMs and LXC.
what will be the most secure in the time to create a 3 node cluster with ceph (I would see this depending on the hardware I have. otherwise 2 nodes and an NFS)

Does this seem correct to you?
If I remember right perc 6 is 3GB. You could get an h200 or similar for $20 and get 6GB. I think it will work in the storage slot too.
Good morning
Thank you for alerting me to the issue of transfer speed. I had not included this aspect even if I cannot confirm the 3 Gb speed of the perc6i by reading the documentation.
I will therefore look for an H200 HBA.
with this in mind, what disk partitioning do you recommend considering the different speeds and capacities of my HDDs?
I have a dell r715. Same age as your r710 but amd. Don't know if your disks are 3 or 6 so can;t guess. I use 2 old 10k drives in a dell mirror and 4 ssd in zfs raid 10. Never tested the threw put but works well.
I just checked my drives are 6G. and the perc6i is effectively 3Gb/s. I have 144GB of ram on the R710 which allows me to do everything in zfs to simplify disk monitoring (rather than mixing dell raid and zfs like you). I saw a DELL H200 HBA with cables for €30 on ebay, which suits me. I will therefore wait for its delivery and I will install proxmox by choosing raidz1 for the small 146 GB hdds and a raidz1 pool for the 1TB. I would look later for an internal SSD supported by the H200 for swag and logging. I am waiting for the delivery of another R710 (2x500GB) and an R520 (2x300GB + 3x4TB) in the coming days to consider a cluster.
I installed proxmox at version3 or 4, long before zfs boot was an option. I would use it if I need to reinstall.

Good luck
actually the more I read the more I don't know how to do it.
I will follow your advice, a 1 hardware raid with a dedicated backup disk with the 3 146GB HDDs and the 1TB in zfs and in OSDs when the cluster is operational.


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