Default settings of containers and virtual machines


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Jun 22, 2023

I want to set some settings for my CT and VMs so as they will be set as default in "Create CT\VM ..." dialog or better users should not be able to change them at all. E.g. network settings including VLAN id. Is there any way to do it?

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Not that I know of.
You could script some CT/VM creation menu youself, only offering limited options and then use the API to create those VMs/LXCs with the selected options. Or maybe there are already similar paid 3rd-party-tools.
the feature would still need to implemented: The request does not include the "users should not be able to change them at all" yet. That would add more complexity and is rather independent of the other feature.
That would be a great (and presumable easy to implement) quality of life upgrade

Before making this search, I compiled a list of the defaults I would like to change and the values I would like to set to streamline this process.

I imagine that veteran users mostly don't use the wizard at all, because the default are highly conservative and almost always inappropriate for my purposes !

The list

template -> debian 11
disk -> 1000G
cpu -> 32 cores
memory -> 24G
swap -> 24G
network ipv4 -> dhcp
network ipv6 -> dhcp
firewall -> off
start after created -> yes
(not a wizard option but)
console mode -> shell

Of course, beyond the defaults, it would make sense to have templates for the wizards like

"low memory linux"
"windows with gpu passthrough"
"high performance linux desktop"
"Linux CT with GPU passthrough for AI"

Do veteran users instead create CT/VM templates and then clone the template instead of using the wizard maybe ? Personnally, I hagve not figured out how to do the equivalent of "sysprep" from windows, but on linux, so I prefer to start fresh each time.
Yeah I for one really want to be able to customise the cluster-wide defaults for provisioning new VMs/CTs. The proposal in the listed bug report of also having profiles for configs can be useful too, but for me at least being able to _change_ the defaults would be really great! There's multiple defaults that I need to change _every single time_ and building templates is not a good enough universal solution.


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