debian installer screensaver issue - screen redraw broken after unblank


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Mar 5, 2019

i'm curious that there is so few information around about this issue, as i have seen it here and there and not only with debian11/12

when installing debian (gui mode) and you are away from keyboard intermittendly during installation and the screensaver kicks in - the screen is rendered unusable and only parts of it may refresh, by moving the mouse. depending on which dialog your're at, you can start from scratch....

who else knows about this issue and would like to provide information since when this exists ? i guess this is qemu or x11 generic (or maybe builtin vnc) problem and not proxmox one.

we have a bugzilla ticket open for this, but i'd like to get to more information , which may help resolving it.

it really starts to be a pain in the neck

here is an example screenshot.

after screen blanking, moving mouse or pressing keyboard will not unblank the screen - you need to mouse over specific regions which may eventually refresh then.
in this screenshot, the buttons below still need "redraw" and i did not move mouse to the bottom yet...

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i only ever saw this in the debian 12 installer, so i assumed it was a problem there (e.g. with their x11 server) can you reproduce this on any other live cd/os ?
@dcsapak , i retestet and you seem to be right, i can only reproduce with debian12 installer. did not retry any other debian12 based distro yet

i was quite sure i had seen that bevor debian 12, but i cannot reproduce for now
Had this pending reply. I've seen this with a running Debian 12 VMs with XFCE. This did not happend with that same VMs running Debian 11 (I upgraded them a few months ago). I ended up disabling screen blanking/screen saver/screen power saving features. In my case, the screen slowly recovered after a while when using applications and moving windows around. Still some areas were left black "forever".
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if you like , you can register gitlab account and report your own experience with that issue, that would raise awareness on this issue
I want to have a test system in case devels ask for some information or if there's anything we can try. Currently other tasks have priority, but I will remember to report it asap.
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