Creating subfolders on zfs shares?


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Apr 19, 2019
I'm new today to Proxmox and following this guide to setup my zfs pool with shared folders.
Can't post links been a new user.

I have got to the point of creating the subfolders but when I "mkdir storage/share/Software" I get mkdir: cannot create directory ‘storage/share/Software’: No such file or directory.


I must be missing something. Can I do this from the GUI?
Sorry I'm just learning and have googled but have not found the answer.

Can I do this from the GUI?
This is not supported.

can you send the output of
zfs get name,mounted,mountpoint -r <zfs pool>
Here is the output. If I keep adding another zfs to the storage it works.

root@pve:~# zfs get name,mounted,mountpoint -r storage
storage name storage -
storage mounted yes -
storage mountpoint /storage default
storage/share name storage/share -
storage/share mounted yes -
storage/share mountpoint /storage/share default
storage/share/Backups name storage/share/Backups -
storage/share/Backups mounted yes -
storage/share/Backups mountpoint /storage/share/Backups default
storage/share/Documents name storage/share/Documents -
storage/share/Documents mounted yes -
storage/share/Documents mountpoint /storage/share/Documents default
storage/share/Media name storage/share/Media -
storage/share/Media mounted yes -
storage/share/Media mountpoint /storage/share/Media default
storage/share/Music name storage/share/Music -
storage/share/Music mounted yes -
storage/share/Music mountpoint /storage/share/Music default
storage/share/Pictures name storage/share/Pictures -
storage/share/Pictures mounted yes -
storage/share/Pictures mountpoint /storage/share/Pictures default
storage/share/Projects name storage/share/Projects -
storage/share/Projects mounted yes -
storage/share/Projects mountpoint /storage/share/Projects default
storage/share/Software name storage/share/Software -
storage/share/Software mounted yes -
storage/share/Software mountpoint /storage/share/Software default
storage/share/Users name storage/share/Users -
storage/share/Users mounted yes -
storage/share/Users mountpoint /storage/share/Users default
storage/share/Users/Chris name storage/share/Users/Chris -
storage/share/Users/Chris mounted yes -
storage/share/Users/Chris mountpoint /storage/share/Users/Chris default
storage/share/Users/Dave name storage/share/Users/Dave -
storage/share/Users/Dave mounted yes -
storage/share/Users/Dave mountpoint /storage/share/Users/Dave default
storage/share/Users/Media name storage/share/Users/Media -
storage/share/Users/Media mounted yes -
storage/share/Users/Media mountpoint /storage/share/Users/Media default
storage/share/Users/Sidney name storage/share/Users/Sidney -
storage/share/Users/Sidney mounted yes -
storage/share/Users/Sidney mountpoint /storage/share/Users/Sidney default
storage/share/downloads name storage/share/downloads -
storage/share/downloads mounted yes -
storage/share/downloads mountpoint /storage/share/downloads default
storage/share/iso name storage/share/iso -
storage/share/iso mounted yes -
storage/share/iso mountpoint /storage/share/iso default
storage/share/junk name storage/share/junk -
storage/share/junk mounted yes -
storage/share/junk mountpoint /storage/share/junk default
storage/vmstorage name storage/vmstorage -
storage/vmstorage mounted yes -
storage/vmstorage mountpoint /storage/vmstorage default
storage/vmstorage/limited name storage/vmstorage/limited -
storage/vmstorage/limited mounted yes -
storage/vmstorage/limited mountpoint /storage/vmstorage/limited default
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0 name storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0 -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0 mounted yes -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0 mountpoint /storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0 default
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@No_Zwave name storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@No_Zwave -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@No_Zwave mounted - -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@No_Zwave mountpoint - -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@April_21_2019 name storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@April_21_2019 -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@April_21_2019 mounted - -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-100-disk-0@April_21_2019 mountpoint - -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-101-disk-0 name storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-101-disk-0 -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-101-disk-0 mounted yes -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-101-disk-0 mountpoint /storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-101-disk-0 default
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-103-disk-0 name storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-103-disk-0 -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-103-disk-0 mounted yes -
storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-103-disk-0 mountpoint /storage/vmstorage/limited/subvol-103-disk-0 default
The problem is you create already subvols with this path.
So there is no need for creating a new dir with the same name.
Subvols are automatic mounted and can be used like dir.


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