Copying VM disk from broken server HDD to new Proxmox server


New Member
Aug 26, 2022
Hi here,

My Proxmox server is broken but NVMe hard disk is working fine. I would like to copy all existing VMs to another (Hetzner) proxmox server. I mount NVMe HDD to my local linux box and see all datasets. Is there simple way I can copy all those machines to remote server?

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo zfs list
NAME                                    USED  AVAIL     REFER  MOUNTPOINT
DATA-New                                684G   215G     5.90G  /mnt/zfs
DATA-New/vm-100-disk-0                 3.20M   215G      144K  -
DATA-New/vm-100-disk-1                  109G   296G     13.7G  -
DATA-New/vm-100-disk-2                 6.16M   215G       84K  -
DATA-New/vm-100-disk-3                 10.3G   225G       56K  -
DATA-New/vm-100-state-Clean            8.76G   223G      758M  -
DATA-New/vm-100-state-test-2           4.63G   219G      180M  -
DATA-New/vm-101-disk-0                  213G   392G     31.5G  -
DATA-New/vm-102-disk-0                 55.6G   248G     16.1G  -
DATA-New/vm-102-state-FirewallRunning  8.76G   223G      234M  -
DATA-New/vm-102_1-disk-0                  8K   215G       84K  -
DATA-New/vm-103-disk-0                 61.9G   259G     17.3G  -
DATA-New/vm-103-disk-1                 2.06G   217G       56K  -
DATA-New/vm-104-disk-0                    3M   215G       76K  -
DATA-New/vm-104-disk-1                    6M   215G       64K  -
DATA-New/vm-105-disk-0                 3.19M   215G      164K  -
DATA-New/vm-105-disk-1                  100G   270G     31.6G  -
DATA-New/vm-105-disk-2                 6.16M   215G       84K  -
DATA-New/vm-105-state-Clean            8.76G   221G     2.42G  -
DATA-New/vm-107-disk-0                    3M   215G      100K  -
DATA-New/vm-107-disk-1                    6M   215G       68K  -
DATA-New/vm-108-disk-0                    3M   215G      100K  -
DATA-New/vm-108-disk-1                    6M   215G       68K  -
DATA-New/vm-109-disk-0                 33.0G   234G     13.4G  -
DATA-New/vm-114-disk-0                 61.9G   240G     36.6G  -
DATA-New/vm-201-disk-10                 726M   215G     6.75G  -


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