Convert LVM to LVM-thin


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Jan 4, 2022
Hi all,

I've searched this forum, but found no complete answer to my need for help...
I'm rather new to proxmox, and do not have a big understanding of LVM etc. (I'm a partition-era guy)

My new install of proxmox has 2 disks: 1 SSD for root (with proxmox on it), one bigger NVME for VM's.
On first install the bigger disk was configured as LVM, but on learning and trying, I find out that for snapshots it needs to be LVM-thin.
So I want to convert the bigger disk to LVM-thin.
Fortunately, at this stage I have enough disk-space to move all content to the smaller disk, so the NVME is now empty.

TL:DR Can someone please guide me in the gui how to proceed. Do I need to wipe a disk, remove a device/partition, destroy NVME? All is scary sh*t when not exactly knowing what to do...
Just pressing 'Create thinpool' draws an error ' no disks unused' ...


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a) please verify and make sure you really don't have any data left on /dev/nvme0n1!! (since the steps will destroy everything on it)
b) select /dev/nve0n1 in the Disks menu and click 'Wipe Disk'
c) create a LVM-Thin (you now should have the nvme selectable)

I hope this helps!
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Yes, that did the trick, thx. (And I suppose I can delete nvme type LVM from the storage menu in DC-view)?

However, that opens a new question:
I was under the impression that when converting to LVM-thin, I was able to restore/move disk a VM using the qcow2 format. (necessary for taking snapshots)
However, that is still greyed out when I try to move disk from local to the newly created LVM-thin...
Did I do something wrong, do I have to change anything further, or is my assumption wrong (that when using LVM-thin snapshots for a VM shouldbe possible)?

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