[SOLVED] command line tool for Broadcom SAS HBA 9300-8i

Oct 28, 2013
Hi there,

we have seven SSDs behind the HBA mentioned above. How can I find out the mapping between a physical slot and the disk inside Proxmox VE/Debian Buster?
A long time ago I used storcli, but I can't find it anymore. Is this tool deprecated? Do you know other tools to handle this?

Thanks and greets
I think I get it:

At the Broadcom website you can download the archive SAS3IRCU_P16 - seems to be the current command line tool. Inside this archive you can find
Make it executable and start it listing all available controllers, in my case:

# ./sas3ircu list
Avago Technologies SAS3 IR Configuration Utility.
Version (2018.04.02)
Copyright (c) 2009-2018 Avago Technologies. All rights reserved.

         Adapter      Vendor  Device                       SubSys  SubSys
Index    Type          ID      ID    Pci Address          Ven ID  Dev ID
-----  ------------  ------  ------  -----------------    ------  ------
   0     SAS3008       1000h   97h    00h:13h:00h:00h      1000h   30e0h
SAS3IRCU: Utility Completed Successfully.

Then take the Index number for displaying all devices connected to this controller:

# ./sas3ircu 0 display
Avago Technologies SAS3 IR Configuration Utility.
Version (2018.04.02)
Copyright (c) 2009-2018 Avago Technologies. All rights reserved.

Read configuration has been initiated for controller 0
Controller information
  Controller type                         : SAS3008
  BIOS version                            :
  Firmware version                        :
  Channel description                     : 1 Serial Attached SCSI
  Initiator ID                            : 0
  Maximum physical devices                : 1023
  Concurrent commands supported           : 9856
  Slot                                    : 5
  Segment                                 : 0
  Bus                                     : 19
  Device                                  : 0
  Function                                : 0
  RAID Support                            : No
IR Volume information
Physical device information
Initiator at ID #0

Device is a Hard disk
  Enclosure #                             : 1
  Slot #                                  : 0
  SAS Address                             : 4433221-1-0200-0000
  State                                   : Ready (RDY)
  Size (in MB)/(in sectors)               : 228936/468862127
  Manufacturer                            : ATA
  Model Number                            : SAMSUNG MZ7KH240
  Firmware Revision                       : 304Q
  Serial No                               : S47LNE0M402211
  Unit Serial No(VPD)                     : S47LNE0M402211
  GUID                                    : 5002538e00127143
  Protocol                                : SATA
  Drive Type                              : SATA_SSD

Here you can see the slot number of a certain disk and its serial number.

With the help of
smartctl -a /dev/sdX | grep 'Serial'
you can find out which block device has which serial number and viola - get the mapping to the physical slot.

Hope that helps anybody anytime. :)

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