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Oct 28, 2015
I came across Cockpit and its ZFS manager which works on PVE 6.x fresh install and also PVE 6.X upgrade from pve5to6 with a few ln- s

It can take take of 98% of zfs cli such as trim, attache, detach, replace, snapshot, rollback, clone and etc...

To install cockpit on PVE 6.0,
echo "deb http://deb.debian.org/debian buster-backports main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/buster-backport.list;
apt update;
apt-get -t buster-backports install cockpit -y;
apt install git -y;
git clone https://github.com/optimans/cockpit-zfs-manager.git
cp -r cockpit-zfs-manager/zfs /usr/share/cockpit;

systemctl enable cockpit.service;
systemctl start cockpit.service;

#for pve5to6
CMDS="cat grep echo lsblk"
for ONE in $CMDS ; do
  echo -n "Check $ONE in /usr/bin... "
  if [ -e "/usr/bin/$ONE" ]; then
    echo "Exists"
    echo "not exists, do link"
    sudo ln -s /bin/$ONE /usr/bin/$ONE

Please check https://github.com/optimans/cockpit-zfs-manager

Below are some screenshots

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Hi, has anybody tried cockpit with proxmox 7? Debian is supported by cockpit but the thing worrying me are all the dependencies cockpit wants to install. I am afraid I will mess up the proxmox.
Damn I really want the ZFS manager....
I ran this and worked a bit better then cockpit on Debian that it recognized root user automatically and was able to use terminal in cockpit but I'm having an issue running updates I get
Cannot refresh cache whilst offline

in logs I see
failed to open /run/network/ifstate when I goto this directory I see that I have ifstatenew
is there a fix for this?
An older post - but does Cockpit work OK on Proxmox 8? A bit scared to break things.
An older post - but does Cockpit work OK on Proxmox 8? A bit scared to break things.
Generally kind of works. Nothing changed in 7 --> 8 inplace upgrade. There are a few peculiarities:
- it never log ins from the first attempt. I have enter credentials --> go to black page --> refresh --> login again
- The network management doesn't work. Cockpit is using Network Manager and the proxmox switches are visible but not editable.
Those issues are OK for me as I only needed the visualization of the zfs only.
The best part - it hasn't broken proxmox, yet :)
Thanks for the update, really appreciate that. I will certainly check it out.
I tried to install cockpit on PVE 8 directly, for ZFS management too. However, it installed a lot of dependencies and I lost SSH connection to it during installation. It seems cockpit somehow interferes with the network.

Now the whole machine disconnects from the router. I am trying to fix it now.

Be careful and make sure you have IPMI or physical access to your machine before installing cockpit.

EDIT: remove unneccessary components can fix network connection
apt autoremove --purge cockpit-storaged cockpit-networkmanager

EDIT2: refer to https://forums.servethehome.com/ind...nux-based-on-cockpit.37500/page-4#post-413670
Just use this instead from the beginning:
apt install -t ${VERSION_CODENAME}-backports cockpit-ws cockpit-bridge cockpit-system
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i had an issue with updating thru cockpit saying cannot update offline.
found a post for ubuntu to add
nmcli con add type dummy con-name fake ifname fake0 ip4 gw4
that worked


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