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Apr 1, 2023
Hello everybody ...

I am in need of a big help...
I will explain my environment.

I have a Storage DELL ME5012 with 2 controllers and 4 fiber channel ports.
They are configured like this

Controller A: Port 1 -> IP
Controller A: Port 3 -> IP

Controller B: Port 1 -> IP
Controller B: Port 3 -> IP

The storage only has a single 7TB LUN.

I have 2 DELL Hosts with 2 fiber channel ports each.

Host A (lion): -> IP
Host A (lion): -> IP

Host B (pantrho): -> IP
Host B (pantrho): -> IP

The cables are connected directly from the servers to the storage and with the ping test working.

I set up a cluster with Hosts A and B.

On Host A I create the cluster and on B I do the join.

Now I add the LUN in the respective Hosts:

Host A: STORAGE_0.1 and STORAGE_1.1
Host B: STORAGE_2.1 and STORAGE_3.1

Then I create an LVM to use in my virtual machines. In Base Storage, I choice EXISTING VOLUME GROUPS.LVM.png

Host A connects, but Host B always has the ? in volume And I can't migrate machine 100 from Host A to Host B


What is the correct way to assemble this environment that I have?

Thank you.

ps: sorry about my English.


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You need to :
a) remove any LVM configuration you managed to create
b) remove most of the proxmox configuration, ie 4 storage devices
c) review , do a few searches on "proxmox multipath" and create a proper multipath configuration
d) provision LVM VG on top of multipath device
e) point LVM storage type in proxmox to the VG
f) enjoy

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox -
I have similar problem.
Two Dell's R640 conected directly to iSCSI Dell ME4024
Dell_1 iSCSI
eno1 -> A0
eno2 -> B0
vmbr0 eno3
Dell_2 iSCSI
eno1 -> A1
eno2 -> B1
vmbr0 eno3
I made Cluster (avaliable from and 243)
The goal is to use one big shared LunaA for two hosts(nodes).
I mapped them via iSCSI, configured iscsid.conf, and multipath.conf.
In iscsid.conf only 3 changes:
node.startup = automatic
node.leading_login = No
node.session.timeo.replacement_timeout = 15
##Default System Values
defaults {
user_friendly_names yes
find_multipaths yes
max_fds 8192
polling_interval 5
queue_without_daemon no
Blacklist Exceptions
blacklist_exceptions {
wwid "35002538f0263231b"
wwid "35002538f02632328"
device {
vendor "DellEMC"
product "ME4"
Dell Device Configuration
devices {
device {
vendor "DellEMC"
product "ME4"
path_grouping_policy group_by_prio
path_checker "tur"
hardware_handler "1 alua"
prio "alua"
failback immediate
features "2 pg_init_retries 50"
rr_weight "uniform"
path_selector "service-time 0"
multipaths {
multipath {
wwid "35002538f0263231b"
multipath {
wwid "35002538f02632328"
We pinnging from Dell1,
and from Dell2,,
any advices ?What next?Bez tytułu.png
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