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Mar 23, 2022

I have a cluster of two full proxmox nodes and an additional quorum device. One of the Proxmox nodes used to have two network interfaces and picked the external one for identification when I created the cluster (it was reachable from inside, so there was no functional impact.)

Since then, the external interface has been removed from that node and it is now exclusivly using the internal interface. The external IP doesn't exist any more.

Now I have the symptom that replication jobs are failing because the node cannot be reached by it's old IP any more.

In GUI Datacenter/Cluster, the node is already shown by its new IP (this changed automatically at some point.)

In "/etc/pve/.members" however, the node is still listed by its old (now unreachable) IP.

How should I fix this? Should I just change the IP in "/etc/pve/.members" (on both nodes, I presume?) and reboot, or is this dangerous for some reason?

(edit: network, hosts and corosync.conf are already up to date, containing the new IP.)

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You may modify files in /etc/pve to match your new requirements, but I would advise you to proceed with caution :
files in that directory are immediately replicated across your cluster, and you wouldn't want to let your cluster go down for a single typo. Therefore, first copy your /etc/pve/.members files (and maybe also /etc/pve/corosync.conf) somewhere else, make your changes on those files and double-check, then -once you're confident, copy them back to /etc/pve.

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Guillaume Delanoy

I tried editing, but all the files in /etc/pve were read-only (on both nodes.)

So I did this: service pve-cluster restart

It took a moment, then the directory was back. But not only that, the IP I had intended to edit had "corrected" itself (I had not been able to save the file manually.)

After this, the "hanging" replication jobs immidiately began running and completed shortly afterwards.

So it seems the whole cluster just needed a little "nudge" to update itself to the modified environment.

Thanks for your tips, really appreciate it!

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