Cloning Proxmox Email Gateway servers

Nov 8, 2019
Hi Support,
Thank you for your constant support.
I am having troubles with validating my subscription key with my second Proxmox Email gateway server. After entering my second purchased subscription key the server throws following error:

checktime: 1574727385
key: ******************
message: Invalid Server ID
serverid: **************
status: Invalid

Please note that I have cloned my second server from the first(fully fucntional) one in order to have all setting preserved so that I did not have to go through the configuration process over again.
Could you please confirm that cloning is permitted and if yes, how could I add my subscription key so that it validates properly.

In my humble opinion, since I used my subscription key several times server ID is not matching.
Please guide me how could I overcome this issues.

Thank you for your time and concern.
Kindest regards
Please ignore my previous message.
After few minutes Subscription key and Server ID have been validated.
However, I noticed that in my Dashboard no status information is displayed for example:
Node Resources
Email volume
Email Processing

Is this a bug?


Thank you
what does
pmgsh get /config/cluster/status  --list_single_node

print when you type it on the commandline of that node?
do you have a cluster configured? does it work?
No, there is no cluster at the moment.
But there was one before but I removed it from the master.Then I cloned the master, changed it hostname and IP address, as well as added my second subscription key.

remove also the cluster config (/etc/pmg/cluster.conf)
delete it if you have no cluster
Hello Support,
Thank you so much for all your efforts in helping to get things resolved. Everything looks fine with my Email gateway except one thing.

Could you please either confirm or reject if the following is possible:
I have two master nodes running independently from each other. I would like to sync each other but it may not be possible unless they are a member of one or the other.

So my question is: Is it possible to have a slave node to be a member of two master nodes?
(Ex: Master1<--------->slave<---------->Master2)

Will this give me a sync advantage between every member?

Thank you for your time and help.
You cannot join one node to two clusters in PMG.

Why do you want your two masters to be independent of each other? - if you use them for separate domains, just create two second nodes, one for each cluster.

I hope this helps!


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