Chelsio T420-CR cxgb4 not loading "firmware on card (1.19.10) is older than..."


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Jul 30, 2019
I am seeing the message in startup:

cxgb4 : firmware on card (1.19.10) is older than the version supported with this driver, installing firmware on card.

This would lead you to believe it is updating the firmware on the card right?

Unfortunately no other messages for cxgb4 and I do not see them as interfaces in the system.
Any ideas here?

We bought a few of these cards because they were low cost and could be used OOB with FreeBSD, but apparently with Proxmox they may not OOB ready

These Chelsio's CXGBE seems like it should be supported:

From page above, maybe we can just load kernel modules below in loader.conf?


Wait a minute....

I was expecting cxgbe* interfaces, but I just noticed in my PVE interface list I now have:


and when I look up their MAC's they are Chelsio.

So it may be they are found, but just not getting link for some reason.

I guess I'll continue to try to figure this out.
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I'm using a direct fiber optic cable between PVE and switch port, but not getting link:

TX -> RX
RX -> TX

I've tried swapping the cable TX/RX around just in case, but no change.

Reminds me of the "allow_unsupported_sfp" issue with Intel 10GBE and "unsupported" SFP+ modules but I am not seeing any errors like that.

I guess I could try a couple 1GBE SFP's.
Ok looking in DMESG I found this:

[ 3.789865] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Direct firmware load for cxgb4/t4-config.txt failed with error -2
[ 4.541838] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Successfully configured using Firmware Configuration File "Firmware Default", version 0x0, computed checksum 0x0
[ 4.737838] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: max_ordird_qp 21 max_ird_adapter 387072
[ 4.871312] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: 98 MSI-X vectors allocated, nic 16 per uld 16
[ 4.871320] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: 32.000 Gb/s available PCIe bandwidth (5 GT/s x8 link)
[ 4.907195] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4 eth0: eth0: Chelsio T420-CR (0000:15:00.4) 1G/10GBASE-SFP
[ 4.907445] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4 eth1: eth1: Chelsio T420-CR (0000:15:00.4) 1G/10GBASE-SFP
[ 4.907514] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Chelsio T420-CR rev 2
[ 4.907515] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: S/N: PT32120701, P/N: 110112040E0
[ 4.907516] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Firmware version:
[ 4.907518] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Bootstrap version:
[ 4.907519] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: TP Microcode version:
[ 4.907520] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: No Expansion ROM loaded
[ 4.907521] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Serial Configuration version: 0x4271203
[ 4.907522] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: VPD version: 0x1
[ 4.907523] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4: Configuration: RNIC MSI-X, Offload capable
[ 4.913430] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4 ens1f4: renamed from eth0
[ 4.930056] cxgb4 0000:15:00.4 ens1f4d1: renamed from eth1

But still unable to get link between chelsio and switch.

I've tried CISCO clone SFP+ as well as UNIFI clone SFP+ from ADDON.

I just got some geniune Cisco SFP-10G-SR SFP's so I'll try those next I guess.
So for anyone that finds this later on....

CHELSIO T420-CR (and I assume entire T4, T5, T6 series associated w/this driver set) seems to work OOB with PVE 6.x

Once I assigned the NIC to a new vmbr# in proxmox, and rebooted the system, I was able to get link.


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