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Mar 6, 2017
hello everyone.
I have a problem with disk permissions.

tonight one of the nodes stopped working and i had to restore the backup of the virtual machines.

unfortunately the backup was from the day before but i had active replication from node 1 to node 2.

I then restored my virtual machine 101 which has now become 115.
To retrieve the most up-to-date information I modified the conf file of the machine and set, instead of the new disk 115, the disk 101.

Now, however, if I try to migrate machine 101 to a new node it tells me that it cannot because disk 101 because it is owned by 101.
What can I do?
I also have a second machine in the same condition and I necessarily need to use these disks because they are more up to date.

Thanks to all

Migrate Log:
2021-06-20 12:24:55 shutdown CT 115
2021-06-20 12:25:02 starting migration of CT 115 to node 'kve3' (
2021-06-20 12:25:02 found local volume 'local-zfs:subvol-101-disk-0' (in current VM config)
2021-06-20 12:25:02 found local volume 'local-zfs:subvol-115-disk-0' (via storage)
2021-06-20 12:25:02 can't migrate local volume 'local-zfs:subvol-101-disk-0': owned by other guest (owner = 101)
2021-06-20 12:25:02 ERROR: can't migrate CT - check log
2021-06-20 12:25:02 aborting phase 1 - cleanup resources
2021-06-20 12:25:02 start final cleanup
2021-06-20 12:25:02 start container on source node
2021-06-20 12:25:04 ERROR: migration aborted (duration 00:00:09): can't migrate CT - check log
TASK ERROR: migration aborted


Proxmox Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Jun 4, 2019
The naming scheme of the disks is important for PVE - attaching a disk that has a different VMID in it's name is not a supported configuration.

Easy solution: rename the disk. Assuming you're using zfs, it's as simple as zfs rename local-zfs/subvol-101-disk-0 local-zfs/subvol-115-disk-0 (and then update the config accordingly of course). Note that currently you seem to also have a local disk called 115, presumably created when you did the restore - if you don't need it (make sure you don't need it!) you can just remove it with zfs destroy, alternatively change the rename command to 'disk-1' at the end and add it that way to avoid conflict.


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