Ceph with iSCSI Storage

Aug 25, 2019
I am testing Proxmox 6 to decide which is the best scenario for our company
Right now I've just installed a single node (Dell Rc710), with 6 Nics.
4 of them, 1Gbs for give access to the network to the vms (in bond),
2 others. 10Gb, attached each on to an isolate Cisco Switch.

I have 2 Lenovo De2000h Storages. I've created a pool with 12Hdds in each storage + 1 SDD disk for cache.
I have 13TB of data in each storage.
These storages have 2 controlles with a 10Gb port connected to each one of the 10Gb Cisco Switches.
I have installed and tested iSCSI multipath and create a Lvm volume to deploy some test Vms.

So I have a network for cluster Proxmox managment and Vms networking, and another for storage traffic.
I will add soon two new servers (lenovo, 2 CPUs-8 cores, 256GB Ram). I will crate the Proxmox cluster.


I have doubts (new with Proxmox with something more complex than a 3Pcs Lab with local disk).
I'm readind about Ceph, and I'm asking myself if should be better to install ir or not with my storage configuration.

If someone has good experience using ceph with iSCSI storages, please i like to know how it works.
¿Will be a good o bad idea?
I don't know is will be a good idea use a pool with redundancy in the Lenovo storage + the Ceph redundancy.
¿Will be faster or slower ? It splits the traffic between two storages, but I will add more process to the environment.

Unfortunately the training courses are far from where I live. With which the experience we get comes from the web and internal laboratory tests.
I am analyzing the payment of Proxmox subscription, but I am still in an analysis stage, to decide if we use Proxmox or Vmware.

This is not a use case for ceph. ceph is designed for multiple silos of disk drives. since you have two silos with raid, you will likely want to look at gluster if you want replication or just iscsi+lvm if you dont.
Thanks Alex.

I think that. I'm testing isci+lvm.
Gluster will give me some advantages ? I will read about it



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