Ceph bash completion broken in pve6?


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Dec 16, 2016
In PVE5.4:
root@fujitsu1:~# ceph <TAB><TAB>
auth              df                heap              mon               quorum            service           version
balancer          features          injectargs        mon_status        quorum_status     status            versions
compact           fs                log               node              report            sync             
config            fsid              mds               osd               restful           tell             
config-key        health            mgr               pg                scrub             time-sync-status 
root@fujitsu1:~# ceph osd <TAB><TAB>
add-nodown                     getmap                         pool                           scrub
add-noin                       getmaxosd                      primary-affinity               set
add-noout                      in                             primary-temp                   set-backfillfull-ratio
add-noup                       last-stat-seq                  purge                          setcrushmap
blacklist                      lost                           repair                         set-full-ratio
blocked-by                     ls                             require-osd-release            setmaxosd
count-metadata                 lspools                        reweight                       set-nearfull-ratio
create                         ls-tree                        reweight-by-pg                 set-require-min-compat-client
crush                          map                            reweight-by-utilization        stat
deep-scrub                     metadata                       reweightn                      status
destroy                        new                            rm                             test-reweight-by-pg
df                             ok-to-stop                     rm-nodown                      test-reweight-by-utilization
down                           out                            rm-noin                        tier
dump                           pause                          rm-noout                       tree
erasure-code-profile           perf                           rm-noup                        unpause
find                           pg-temp                        rm-pg-upmap                    unset
force-create-pg                pg-upmap                       rm-pg-upmap-items              utilization
getcrushmap                    pg-upmap-items                 safe-to-destroy                versions
root@fujitsu1:~# ceph osd in <TAB><TAB>
#set osd(s) <id> [<id>...] in, can use <any|all|*> to automatically set all previously out osds in

But in PVE6:
root@pve1:~# ceph <TAB><TAB>
auth              device            influx            mon               prometheus        service           time-sync-status
balancer          df                injectargs        mon_status        quorum            smart             version
compact           features          insights          node              quorum_status     status            versions
config            fs                iostat            orchestrator      rbd               sync              zabbix
config-key        fsid              log               osd               report            telegraf         
crash             health            mds               pg                restful           telemetry         
deepsea           heap              mgr               progress          scrub             tell             
root@pve1:~# ceph osd <TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB><TAB>
root@pve1:~# apt list bash-completion
Listing... Gotowe
bash-completion/stable,now 1:2.8-6 all [installed]

The same behavior in pve6 updated from 5.4 and freshly installed.
I noticed that too and it seems to come from upstream.


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