Can't lock file on shutdown


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Apr 3, 2023
I have been doing a bunch of packer VM development recently and have not had any issues. But all of the sudden I started having an issue when packer tries to do the final shutdown of the VM. Looking at the logs it attempts to do a shutdown but gives an error about it getting a timeout when trying to lock a file.

Aug 22 16:47:10 hv01 pvedaemon[1262]: <packer@pve!ansible01> starting task UPID:hv01:00001EA9:0003495F:64E51ECE:qmshutdown:103:packer@pve!ansible01:
Aug 22 16:47:10 hv01 pvedaemon[7849]: shutdown VM 103: UPID:hv01:00001EA9:0003495F:64E51ECE:qmshutdown:103:packer@pve!ansible01:
Aug 22 16:47:20 hv01 pvedaemon[7849]: can't lock file '/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-103.conf' - got timeout
Aug 22 16:47:20 hv01 pvedaemon[1262]: <packer@pve!ansible01> end task UPID:hv01:00001EA9:0003495F:64E51ECE:qmshutdown:103:packer@pve!ansible01: can't lock file '/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-103.conf' - got timeout
Aug 22 16:47:22 hv01 pvedaemon[7885]: shutdown VM 103: UPID:hv01:00001ECD:00034E14:64E51EDA:qmshutdown:103:packer@pve!ansible01:
Aug 22 16:47:22 hv01 pvedaemon[1261]: <packer@pve!ansible01> starting task UPID:hv01:00001ECD:00034E14:64E51EDA:qmshutdown:103:packer@pve!ansible01:
Aug 22 16:47:32 hv01 pvedaemon[7885]: can't lock file '/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-103.conf' - got timeout
Aug 22 16:47:32 hv01 pvedaemon[1261]: <packer@pve!ansible01> end task UPID:hv01:00001ECD:00034E14:64E51EDA:qmshutdown:103:packer@pve!ansible01: can't lock file '/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-103.conf' - got timeout
Aug 22 16:47:34 hv01 pvedaemon[1261]: <packer@pve!ansible01> starting task UPID:hv01:00001EE8:000352C9:64E51EE6:qmstop:103:packer@pve!ansible01:
Aug 22 16:47:34 hv01 pvedaemon[7912]: stop VM 103: UPID:hv01:00001EE8:000352C9:64E51EE6:qmstop:103:packer@pve!ansible01:
Aug 22 16:47:41 hv01 kernel: [ 2184.796892] vmbr2: port 5(tap103i0) entered disabled state
Aug 22 16:47:41 hv01 qmeventd[870]: read: Connection reset by peer

The funny thing is that it has no problem issuing the destroy command once it fails to shutdown.

I have not changed anything in proxmox, it might be a little out of date. I rebooted to see if will solve the problem, but nothing.

Anybody know how to fix this?
Seems like if a previous VM has been allocated on that VMID and removed it fails. But if I use a new VMID when creating the new VM that has never been allocated before I oes not fail.

pve-manager/7.3-6/723bb6ec (running kernel: 5.15.85-1-pve)


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