cannot see the contents of my CEPH storage


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Apr 18, 2019
done something bad again.
-Prox 6.0.4

when I click on the contents button for my ceph storage all I get is this window appearing.
rdb list shows me this


any ideas what I have done? The ceph itself works fine for storage.

done something bad again.

Hmm, what did you do? ;)

Can you post the output of
ceph status
ceph osd tree
ceph osd pools ls
pvesm status

To get some initial information about the current state of your cluster
Argh, sorry, had an s to much in the ceph osd pool ls command..

It seems that you have three pools, two for cephFS and the extra RBD ceph pool.

Anyway, can you redo it and then check the rbd list command you tried before but each time with a single ceph pool as argument:

rbd list ceph-pool-name1
rbd list ceph-pool-name2

Are those 4 nodes (prox1 to prox4) all nodes in this Proxmox VE cluster?

And finally, let's try to do that what the Webinterface would do indirectly:
pvesm list MyCeph

Lots of questions, I know, but this is a bit strange as the Ceph cluster itself is definitively OK and healthy, so something must be wrong elsewhere.

On another note: For such a smallish cluster 4 monitors are overkill, 3 would be enough. 4 Normally do not help much here, as then three need to be always active to be quorate.
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Hi Thomas


nothing in cephfs_metadata

Yes there are 4 nodes in the cluster


many thanks for the tip as well


Hi Thomas,
I removed the prox4 monitor, should I remove it from the Manager and Metadata Server lists as well?

Hi Damon,

so the cephfs _data and _metadata are both related to, well, CephFS and seem OK.

But, there's a pool missing - while your ceph status talks about three pools, the list command only output two..

Can you remember what things you did on the cluster? Was it just working fine a while ago or did it never wroked at all?

I removed the prox4 monitor, should I remove it from the Manager and Metadata Server lists as well?

you mean the fourth MDS and fourht manager? I mean, they won't hurt you really, but in such a setup you also won't really need them..
OK - little harder than I thought.
Is there a list of things to do to remove CEPH?

I tried to remove all the monitors, OSD's etc..
pveceph purge
sudo apt-get --purge remove ceph-base

and a few other things i found on the internet but ceph is hanging in there.

currently migrating and then rebooting each node {edit} which did no good.

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I really wish I had found this FIRST

I'm not a expert.. but you should:

1 - Stop/Out all OSDs
2 - Remove all OSDs
3 - Remove ALL Mons (except the master)
4 - Remove ALL Managers (except the master)
5 - Execute on each OSD node: pveceph purge
6 - On last node (master mon/mgr): stop all ceph services, and execute: pveceph purge
( Note:

sudo systemctl stop ceph\*.service ceph\*.target

If you wanna run CEPH again, you need to remove all conf files on /etc/ceph/ and /var/lib/ceph first...

what do you do if you have deleted all the Monitors and Manages?
when i click on

I get this


the problem is The Public Network IP address is for another node (prox2) not for prox4 and shouldn't it be



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the problem is The Public Network IP address is for another node (prox2) not for prox4 and shouldn't it be

I understand were you come from, but this is actually the same.
10.10.10.X/24 tells that the last 8 bit are irrelevant (all from the same network), so while often is used, and IMO it is the nicer notation, it is semantically the same as or the like.

But yes, I agree, this webinterface component may need some improvements to show this better.


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