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Jun 4, 2023
Hello, I am a noob when it comes to proxmox so any information would be appreciated. I just installed proxmox and set everything up. I then went to the IP address through my browser and it worked. However every time I reboot my server it tells me it cannot connect to host. I then proceeded to check what it is saying on the server itself. I plugged the server into a monitor and booted up. It gets stuck on this message "A problem with the hard drive has been detected press enter to continue". I then press enter and it boots up just fine. I have came to the conclusion that I am unable to reboot the machine through the proxmox web shell due to the reboot process getting stuck on that press enter to continue message. I initially though that there was possibly something wrong with the hard drive so I pulled it out of the server and plugged it into my personal computer and it showed up and worked fine. However I dug even deeper and ran some tests through some hard drive testing software's. All the software's I ran that hard drive trough said it was in perfect condition with no errors. I would love it if anyone knew why when booting it is saying there is a issue with it. I can still use my proxmox server just fine and everything works it just gets tedious and annoying to have to press enter on the server keyboard every time it reboots. Thanks a ton!

i7 processor
16 gbs ddr3 ram
1tb seagate barracuda 7200.12
It gets stuck on this message "A problem with the hard drive has been detected press enter to continue". I then press enter and it boots up just fine.
I don't expect Proxmox or the underlying Debian or Linux kernel to give such a message. Maybe its from the motherboard BIOS? Maybe there's an update?
You can instruct the Linux kernel to reboot using a specific method using the reboot= kernel parameter. The Proxmox manual has a section on editing kernel parameters. I've used it in the past when a system would freeze instead of properly rebooting, but I have not seen drive symptoms as you describe.
SOLVED: My suspicion that it was proxmox related was wrong. The solution was to turn of S.M.A.R.T testing inside my bios. It thinks my hard drive is failing but from my research others have received the same message from smart and there hard drives are still working 5 years later. I disabled it and now I do not get stuck on that annoying message.
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