Can replacing 2700 with 5600 speed up vms?


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May 30, 2023
Hi Folks,

Though I have been using proxmox in a very home lab capacity for about 2 years, but I would still classify myself as a noob and my apologies if I am posting it on a wrong thread, or if this has been asked before somewhere.

TLDR: Should upgrading from 2700 to 5600 make VMs faster?

Some context for what I do with proxmox:
  1. I need to test desktop apps on Ubuntu, windows and macOS
  2. Run the VMs, check what I need to check and restore them
  3. I do remote into VMs, windows with RDP and macOS with the built-in macOS VNC thing (host is MacBook).

Elaborating on my question:
  • I have been running these VMs on 9900k running on Asus strix z370 (not overclocked)
  • I moved the VMs to another setup based on Ryzen 2700 running on Asrock x370 Taichi
  • Problem is
    • VMs run relatively slow on 2700 than they do on 9900.
  • I don't really pass anything to the VMs.

Solutions I have tried:
  • 2700 has all the VMs on NVMe drives while 9900 had them on a single Sata SSD
  • Proxmox is using an IBM nic - in case the onboard nic was the issue, but it's not
  • Overclocked 2700 to 3.8, and while I do notice a difference in performance, it's still slow.
    • Specially when I remote access any of those VMs
I understand that both of these processors are not in the same category, but my question is more about the understanding of how big of a difference does the processor alone can make. Such that just changing the processor alone can make it around as good as the 9900 setup I had. Considering that a lot of folks are still rocking much older hardware and not much of them complaints similar to mine.

I am assuming my lack of knowledge about what processors in general can achieve, apart from just the speed difference, may have the answer and I won't end up spending on upgrades that are not meaningful.

9900, I want to spare for portable VR setup :p

Sorry for the long post, and thanks to anyone reading it.
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you can compare cpu within VM with for eg. Cinebench.
For macOS, I'm not sure AMD can run it smoothly.
+ specs of Storage Drive
because SATA drives can outperform NVMe drives, not on bandwidth but in IOPS.
Entreprise/Datacenter SATA drives outperform easily consumer NVMe drives in sustained use.


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