Boot issues


Mar 3, 2019

I just bought the following parts to set up a proxmox testing lab at home.

ASROCK B450M Pro4 motherboard
Athlon 200GE CPU

I burn the ISO using etcher to a USB and boot from it. Install the system and everything goes smoothly. However, after installation, and the subsequent reboot, it shows the blue grub screen but then after loading, it just shows a black screen. From what I have read it might be some UEFI issues. Any hints? As far as I know AMD Virtualization support is set up in the BIOS.

I'm really suck and would love some guidance.

As a test, I've installed Debian 9 (Stretch) without issues, I then installed Citrix Xenserver without issues, so the hardware is fine, something about the way Proxmox installs seems to be the issue. Would appreciate any and all help.
Just to add, it seems after grub the system trys to boot but then hangs. I can't ping it and it doesn't pick up an ip address. Numlock on the keyboard also doesn't light up so it seems the system has hard crashed.
When it hits the Grub boot screen, hit 'e'dit. Then remove "quiet" from the kernel options and continue on with the boot. I don't remember the exact key to boot the modified options, but instructions will be on the bottom of the screen when you're editing. That should hopefully give you more detail as to what is happening.

I have seen some older systems hang for 30+ minutes on boot (an autodetection issue?) with a black screen as described -- but they do eventually boot. If you can, try leaving it for an hour and see if it eventually boots. If it does, update the system:
apt update
apt full-upgrade
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Thank you denos for the tip(s).

I did the steps you said in grub and removed the quiet part. The screen flew by really quick but I video captured it on my phone and it turns out that the screen is blanking right after:

fb: switching to amdgpudrmfb from EFI VGA

That's the point where the screen goes blank. Quick google search indicates that it's a kernel driver issue with AMD GPU's?

Is there a way I can force it not to switch to the AMD framebuffer and use EFI VGA all the time?
you might want to try to boot with the 'nomodeset' option added to the kernel parameters
you might want to try to boot with the 'nomodeset' option added to the kernel parameters
That worked!!


Seems that the kernel used in Proxmox isn't compatible with Raven Ridge APU's, hopefully the new(er) versions of Proxmox will have support out of the box.


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