BigIP (f5) 16.0.1 v0.0.3 problem with gateway


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Apr 17, 2019
Hello guy's,

In our company we are at stage to implement and buy 2 physical f5 hardware and 2 BigIP virtual edition appliance.

We have a couple of Proxmox hypervisor, also we have a cluster of 3 identical nodes. We try on an every of it to run BigIP virtual edition, but on every server we face a strange/same problem that we can't ping gateway from VM.

We also have own AS number and 100+ VM (on public IP and around 300 VMs on private IP) and everything work like a charm, only this BigIP had a problem running on Proxmox obviously.

I've downloaded BigIP virtual edition from official website, in qcow2 format, then SCP it to server, do convert to .RAW then import in previously created VM for BigIP, then attach disk to VM, and boot it. It was straightforward. (we also try without converting and actually using qcow2 from source, same thing/problem occurs)

After booting BigIP, logging with credentials next thing is to type "config" and you got simple CLI interface where is 1st step to chose between using IPv4 or IPv6, we chose ipv4, then next step is to configure Mngmt IP, netmask and GW.

In our case that is IP, and GW is

That's it, after that you should get settings over web GUI at but we are stuck at that point. Browser say connection timeout.

After troubleshooting we notice that from VM we can't ping (we don't have any firewall). That's actually pretty explain WHY we don't get user interface at browser, but mystery is WHY BigIP don't see gateway.

Things I've tried to resolve this is:

1. Changing IP
2. Switching to different network controller (all of them actually).
3. Changing MAC address
4. Adding more network interfaces.
5. Booting like .RAW also like QCOW2.
6. Putting public IP from our AS number.

None of these helps us.

Does anyone have some suggestion regarding this?



Proxmox Staff Member
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Oct 1, 2014

maybe you have MAC filtering enabled on your switch (Phy Network) and your Vm is not allowed to communicate whit this MAc on this port?
Or maybe BigIP is not compatible with the used vNIC.


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Apr 17, 2019

After 2 days of searching and even setup whole new proxmox server for testing, without proper BigIP documentation, Ive figured out that in initial boot I must create 3 virtual NIC, then after boot to setup only 1 for mngt, other 2 must be empty for BigIP to fill it with his own information.

After that I got Web UI.

So that is solution in my case, maybe this information will be useful to someone.

By the way, I've been testing for two days now and BigIP behaves great inside Proxmox, unlike previous versions that didn't want to work properly.



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