Better cloud-init support - ideas


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May 17, 2018
  1. Upload IMG (cloud-init image file) with API endpoint
  2. Import IMG as disk with API endpoint
  3. Upload snippet (cloud-init) to datastore with API endpoint
  4. Support for nocloud v2 to enable ens NIC names
  5. Use phone-home feature of cloud-init ( to get done status of cloud-init provisioning available with API endpoint. Its also possible to check `cloud-init status --wait` or use /run/cloud-init/result.json or /run/cloud-init/status.json I guess, but this is probably available only for qemu guest agent which is not installed at provisioning time with read-file API endpoint

- I want to spin VM with API only ( more cloud native approach )
- I dont want to prepare own ISO with baked cloud-init ( very hard to do versioning of this ISO )
- I dont want to use ssh to do some hacks ( users will not have root access )

Any other ideas?

BTW, if I will use qemu/config endpoint everytime with same cipassword, it will be (probably)be always hashed differently, this will cause that cloud-init needs to regenerate ci image and VM must be restarted for applying changes.

EDIT2: Is there any API endpoint for Regenerate Image functionality ?
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I am sorry for necroing this old thread, but it looks like these questions/requirements are already a few years old. Has anything changed in that regard? Currently I am planning similar things as OP but I am also missing key functionalities for that.

After opting for VM template creation and cloning because importing cloud-images as disks is not really supported via API, I am now hitting the next wall: Uploading cloud-init snippets to a proxmox storage via API.

Is there a way to achieve the usage of one cloud-init snippet per created/cloned VM?

1. Clone VM
2. Resize to needs
3. Generate cloud-init yaml for this VM
4. Upload to storage
5. Set this cloud-init snippet as drive in cloned VM

It's not viable to have one cloud-init sipped used by many VMs, so pre-baking them into the template is not an option. Also manual upload via UI for each and every created VM is not an option (in auto scaling scenarios for example).

/Edit: I just found and I am confused. It seems like the hold-back of snippet uploads via API is that snippets are not only used for cloud-init yaml files. So if there was a clear separation and uploaded snippets were somehow typed and only usable as cloud-image user data… would there still be security concerns against that? It seems (similar to iso/image upload) there are different things thrown in the same bucket here and this blur is blocking very useful features. :(
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