Best proxmox setup


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Sep 4, 2023
I am wondering what could be the best setup I could have with the hardware I have in hand.
I have 5x 2Tb HDD (raid 10 with one spare), a sas adapter and 4x 1Tb SSD SATA. The main VM I will have on proxmox will be openmediavault, where r/w speed has to be good.
According to what I read, to have a SSD cache, zfs is the option. But I read as well that zfs should not be installed over a sas adapter, but directly to the disks with the raid arrangement managed directly by zfs. My past experiences with raid software where bad, with ext4.
So what could be the best setup : zfs for all disks, and get rid of my sas adapter ? Something else ?
Thanks for your help.
Then I wouldn't use these with ZFS or any other Copy-on-Write filesystem like btrfs/qcow2/ceph/... with these SSD.
If you want raid you are probably limited to HW raid or unsupported mdraid in case you care about performance or SSD wear.

ZFS for the HDDs should be fine in case that isn't a raid controller.

You just want to run OMV or other guests too?
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OMV doesn't particularly need fast read or write speeds. The apps or machines you serve with OMV might need a certain level of performance. I am running OMV on Proxmox, primarily to serve up storage for my self hosted Nextcloud instance. I am running two spinners in a mirror array and that is more than fast enough for my needs.


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