BCacheFS in Proxmox VE


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Nov 12, 2019
I know it is to early to make any plans, way to early even. However just being curious:

Any preliminary thoughts regarding using BCacheFS in Proxmox VE? If not that is also okay of course.

My current thought is: Once it is marked as stable in the kernel instead of experimental and found to be stable enough during testing it might be a good alternative to BTRFS in case it delivers on the promises. Yeah, a lot of conditions in there. :)

BTW I am using BTRFS with a test setup, an Intel NUC with SATA SSD, for way more than a year. It basically works okay and most importantly is stable. Subjective feeling is that it was a bit faster with qcow2 files on XFS back then, but I do not have any objective figures for comparison. And with BTRFS I have scrubbing for example. Granted I neither use RAID with BTRFS and only use snapshotting during alternate traditional rsync backup which likely would not be needed anymore since I also do host backups with proxmox backup client.

My hope would be that BCacheFS can deliver regarding some of the known performance deficiencies with BTRFS. And of course it can use SSD as a cache which AFAIK is still not implemented in mainline kernel for BTRFS.
Hi hitchhooker,

it's unlikely that the Proxmox Team would add BCacheFS soon as an official supported Storage Plugin esp. if you look at the timeframe of btrfs integration .... btrfs is much longer included in the Linux kernel and had time enough to get stabilized
anyone knows what to write `/etc/pve/strorage.cfg` for bcache in proxmox?
You can mount bachefs somewhere, look at their official documentation for this.

Only then you can add this mounted directory via Datacenter --> Storage --> Add "Directory" to hold "Disk image"s.

At the end PVE does not know that this involves bachefs.
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