Basic 1 node install - LVM/Disk partitions

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    I have a single node installation. Home lab. Just trying to better understand what I'm looking at in the screenshot provided.

    Basic installation with LVM creates root, swap, and data. I have a few questions.

    1. Based on the screenshot /dev/sda3 must be "data", correct? I can manipulate sda3 and never hurt root and swap? Just don't mess with /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, and /dev/mapper (if any of that is even possible).

    2. Physical Volumes, disk partitions, LVM, and mixed classes of storage. Currently both of my hard disks are LVM2 members. I also have an external drive /dev/sdc1 (in the screenshot) that has not been mounted. If I want to use it to store any type of file that can be then shared with my virtual machines on LVM, should I (can I) use a different storage class such as NFS? Or is there a more logical alternative?

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    NFS is best alternative supports all and see proxmox storage model before you do anything to partitions proxmox commands are different to manipulate storage.if you are using lvm then you have to change the lvm size not sda3
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