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Jul 7, 2023
Hello everyone, I installed Proxmox Backup Server, and I'm performing backups perfectly. However, I would like to save this data in the cloud, and I don't have the resources to purchase a server in the cloud. I have a mega account, and I can install a mega agent on the PBS server and upload the files created in the backups to my mega in the cloud. Is this scenario safe? In case of restore, would I be able to import these backups into PVE? If yes, how would you do that?
Hello Rodrigus,

I too am interested in this approach and test this against using a Proxmox PBS hosted instance. I would check that mega allow very large files and also check what the egress speed might be when restoring as some cloud storage platforms can limit their outbound speeds.
I am unfamiliar with Mega, but I back up my NAS to AWS Glacier without the use of an AWS server, using Rclone. You should be able to do something similar with PBS or any other linux system. Here are the notes I wrote for myself when I did this on a raspberry pi NAS I built.

Install Rclone -->go to
Get the install script: sudo -v ; curl | sudo bash
SSH into the NAS or server
run the install script
run rclone congfig
follow prompts
n for new remote
assign a name to this new remote (myawsaccount)
Input user key (XXXXXXXXXXXX) and secret key when prompted (YYYYYYYYYYYYYY)
Use the default region and default endpoint
For storage class I chose Glacier instant retrieval, can be anything
No need to enter the name of the bucket at this point.
Set up a scheduled task rclone copy --create-empty-src-dirs /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-ZZZZZZZZZZ/RSYNC/ myawsaccount:mybackups where myawsaccount is whatever you named your remote in rclone config and mybackups is the name of your target bucket on AWS S3. Make sure the scheduling is 0 3 * * * to do a backup to the cloud at 3AM every morning
Interesting. Have you ever carried out a restore for testing purposes from AWS glacier?
Honestly I have not. I work there, so I just trusted that it would work. I probably ought to test it though. I did test it when I was using an S3 bucket, but I decided to go glacier for cost savings.
I would check that mega allow very large files
There are no large files with PBS.

have a mega account, and I can install a mega agent on the PBS server
I also wouldn't trust Mega any sensitive data so make sure PBS encryption is enabled. Just google for "Kim Dotcom", the founder of mega, who multiple times screwed up all his clients to save his own ass to not be thrown in jail. He has shown multiple times that he doesn't care about laws, privacy, your personal data if he can profit from it.
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